Fixes for the Users When Gmail is Not Working for Them

Gmail is Not Working

Gmail is not working on android? Well, it might be troubling for you if you are not able to use Gmail on your device. Gmail is widely used email service by the users as it provides an amazing service to the users. Gmail is used by people for various purposes like for official work, for academics, for personal use and many others. And suddenly if you are not able to your account on Gmail and not only this but you are also not able to use Gmail on your device then it might be very troublesome for you as well as very irritating too.

We are going to look at this problem and also about its solution in this blog so that users can easily try them and fix their problem with Gmail.

To Check if Gmail is Down –

There might be chances that Gmail is down not only for you but for other users of Gmail too but how do you check it? Fortunately, there are ways to check whether the problem is from the side of Gmail or from your side.

To check if Gmail is not working for anybody you need to go the workspace status dashboard of Google and this page will let you know if the services of Google are operational at the time or not.

Troubleshooting Ways to Solve the Issue –

Sometimes it could happen that Google is not down but there is some problem from your side because of which you are not able to use the services of Gmail.

Checking if Syncing Gmail is On or Not

You need to check the settings of Gmail as it is possible that you have messed it up and hence because of it Gmail app not working for you.

  • Open the Gmail app on your device you are using.
  • You will have to look for the 3 line menu on the screen which you will find at the top left corner of the screen and press on it.
  • After this move to the settings option from there; from settings option make sure to click on your account on Gmail.
  • Scroll down the screen to find the section of data usage so that you can click on it.
  • Now, after ensuring that the check box of sync mail is ticked you will complete the procedure to sync mail which might fix Gmail down problem.

Look for the Updates for the Gmail App

Sometime if your app is not up to date then also you could face the problems of Gmail is not working so in this case you need to
look up for the updates of Gmail app and once you have found it you can update your app to the latest version and then you might not face problem of Gmail won’t load.

Removing and then Adding a Google Account on Your Device

To remove –

  • After opening the settings application make sure to select the option of passwords and accounts and then click on the account you want to remove and finally hit the remove account button. To add account –

To add account –

  • Again open the settings and then you need to click on passwords and accounts option. Move to add account and pick Google. As soon as you filled in your details and click on I agree you account will be added on the device. is a website which you as users will like to use and try when you want some good information about topics like Gmail, Yahoo, AT&T, Godaddy, Outlook email and others for your library to add up.

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