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Taking the perfect photo is undoubtedly the goal of any landscape photographer, but to achieve it, you will have to plan a photo shoot beforehand. Flowers in the foreground, the sun disappearing into the horizon, the Milky Way over the desired object, are some examples of the photo that we are all looking for.

How many times have you arrived at the ideal place and realized that the elements were not what you expected? The sun doesn’t rise where you thought it would, and the dream photo ends up just being a project. If you want to achieve the photo you dream of so much, taking out your camera and shooting isn’t everything. You will also need to plan a photo shoot and do some prep work beforehand to achieve a specific goal.

4 steps to planning a photo shoot

Seek inspiration

Creativity goes hand in hand with inspiration. It appears in the most unsuspected places. Going for a walk, reading a book that takes you to other frontiers, or even a nice song are generally good ways to find inspiration, but what makes a photographer happy is seeing the work of others, those whose work we follow, very often different from his own.

Find the perfect place

Once you feel inspired and know what photo you want to take, you now have to know where you need to go to take it. If you ever do not know where this perfect place is, know that there are several methods to find out:

Consult other photographers

The first step in planning a photo shoot is to ask the person who took the photo that you like. Forget your fears and do not hesitate to talk to this great photographer, stop believing that he is not going to answer you because he has better things to do.

As a general rule, nature photographers share the places where they took their shots, but we must take into account the fact that these are places in the midst of nature, areas of great beauty that must therefore be left untouched.

This is why each time someone shares a place with you, you must leave it in the same or even better conditions than before your arrival, once you leave the premises. Do not alter the natural environment, do not dirty and if possible, take away any waste that may be on site. In addition to planning a photo shoot, we also help to preserve these areas, so that photographers will trust us when they give us their “tips”.

Browse sites specializing in photography

Exploring new places, talking to people in unfamiliar places or browsing specialized websites like Flickr, 500px or 1X where the location of the shot is often mentioned, are good techniques for planning a photo shoot and discovering places that you does not know, with great potential. Finally, we cannot forget the Google Maps GPS tracker. The easiest way is to search for places starting from a place you have in mind and want to visit. But if no one has described the place to you or if you can’t find the way to get there, you can draw maps looking for photos of other users and to see elements highlighted by them, then take a picture that no one took.

After you have been shown the area you are looking for or have found it on your own, you will have to locate it on the map to find out how the terrain is or if there are any difficulties in reaching it. Google Maps or Google Earth are the best tools to geotag your places as they allow you to save them with landmarks. They thus act as GPS and we can thus observe the photos of people who have passed through here before us, so that it is easier to get an idea of ​​the terrain…

Make a good plan for a photoshoot

You already have the photo in mind, you now know where you want to go and you know how to get there without difficulty. Now all you have to do is know when to trigger your camera to capture this moment.

When you go to new places, of which you don’t know much except the location, you also don’t know where the sun is rising or if the milky way is over the main object. To remedy this, it is therefore absolutely necessary to be able to count on tools that help you to identify the best moments of light, the movement of the stars or even the times of sunrise and sunset. Check for more on

Consider the weather

Once all the elements that we can control to plan a photo shoot are ready, we have to look at the elements that are beyond our control. The weather is a great ally for the landscape photographer, an ally or an enemy, to tell the truth, since the best conditions for photographing are often a little unfavorable: clouds, cold, air, mist, snow, freezing, etc. But we have to live with it to achieve the set objective.

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