Guide to Printing Your T-Shirt

T-Shirt printing Singapore can be a profitable business to get into but if you have never done t-shirt printing, you need to read this article so you can understand the process.  The first thing to do is get yourself a design or two that you know will sell in your store.  It should fit your brand and look cool.  You also want to make sure that the design(s) fit your target audience.  The design can be a slogan, logo, or a combination of both.

Whatever design you choose has to work with whatever color t-shirt that you are using.  You don’t want to put a dark design on a dark t-shirt.  If your t-shirts are darker colors, then you need to make sure you are using light color designs.  Some feel it is easier if you use light or medium colored t-shirts as there is more of a choice in the designs you can use.

Before you start your t shirt printing Singapore business, you should know what your budget is.  This will also affect the number of t-shirts that you can purchase along with the equipment to do the printing.  It is true that the more t-shirts you order for your business, the cheaper they will be per item, but you don’t want to order too many and then not have your business take off. 

Also, when ordering t-shirts, you need to have a variety of sizes because people are not all the same size.  Knowing what your budget is and the number of t-shirts you are going to have can narrow down which printing method you will use.  Some printing methods are better for printing in bulk while others are better for smaller orders.

Tshirt printing Singapore can average $18-$30 to print just a few t-shirts so you can see how much you would have to sell them for to make a profit.  Not many would be willing to pay that much for a t-shirt.  If you can do them in bulk, the price drops to $5-$10 per shirt.  The price will vary according to the printing method used.

Now it is time to choose your printing method.  There are three popular printing techniques:

  • Screen printing—this method can be made by machine or hand. This method is the standard for printing t-shirts.  The printer that is used will make original screens of the design, which will allow you to do tshirt printing Singapore in bulk.
  • Vinyl graphics—this is done using transfer printing, giving your t-shirt a more dimensional and bolder feel. This type of graphic is more durable than ink.
  • Direct-to-garment—this is a newer printing concept that uses inkjet printing. The ink is sprayed onto the garment.

The final step is to choose the printer and then the shirt type and fabric you want to use for your t-shirt printing.


Yes, it can be fun to own your t-shirt printing business, but it can be expensive to get started.  Make sure that you will have customers or somewhere to sell your t-shirts before investing a lot of money.

Bio – PrinteeSG was previously known as Tough Men Apparels. The company started off as a shirt printing company. The owners left their corporate lifestyle to pursue their dream of having affordable and quality sportswear available to the mass public. Starting out in 2014 as a home based business, PrinteeSG has expanded rapidly within the past years to become a leading company in terms of customised sportswear and affordable tshirt printing in Singapore.

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