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Decorating the home and knowing what home furnishings to use is not an easy task. That is why you can hire experts to handle it if you do not know what you want to achieve or how to achieve it. Whether you are considering how to place olive green rugs Australia made, or how to decorate different rooms in the home, the key is to spend some time considering what you want from each room. Are you looking to create a theme, or a certain atmosphere, do you need to make the space seem larger, or help make it feel cozier? When you spend a lot of time at home you want it to work for you and be a space you like working in, or relaxing in, as well as a space you are proud to show off.

Hiring an interior designer or getting creative

You can of course consult closely with an interior designer and achieve the kind of living space you are looking for that way if you can afford to. It saves you time at the least. But most of us do not use them so why not treat it as a positive chance to add your own personality and style to the home? It does not have to be an expensive process. Using Sage and Clare and other attractive and affordable home furnishing sites you can get items large and small that all come together to make your home more comfortable, practical, and also attractive!

Ask yourself some questions. Are you staying in the home long-term so it is worth stamping your personally on it, or will you be re-selling soon so neutral with splashes of colour is best? What is essential to you and what are extras?

Choose a theme or style

A good way to start and know where to go with the furnishings is to have a theme or plan for the room. Maybe you prefer a global style, Asian with paper lanterns, screens, porcelain, silk coverings, or maybe you are a history buff and like the Victorian look. Dark wooden bookcases, nudie rudie bath mats made, earthy tones, antique lamps, a roll top desk and such. Or maybe you want something more modern and elegant with light colours and contemporary window dressings and furnishings. When you have a theme it narrows down the colours you can use and the styles you can use and that can help in the hunt for additions to the room.


When you are looking at options for buying home furnishing items you are not limited to just shops that are close by. Shopping online is a lot more convenient, you can save money, they bring it all straight to your door. Sage & Clare at Woodend General is a great site to start with. As you shop for paintings, light shades, furniture, curtains, rugs, knickknacks and more you can enjoy it as you sip a glass of wine or your cup of tea or coffee!

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