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One of the most used rooms in a home is the bathroom. When people look at homes to buy the 2 rooms they really scrutinise are the kitchen and the bathroom. It is important to undertake regular bathroom plumbing maintenance Perth, and when needed, replace fixtures and fittings, or at least touch things up. Here are four things you can have done to your bathroom to keep it up to date. Remember it is not just about how your bathroom looks, it is also about keeping it safe.

Bathtubs – replacing or resurfacing

Certain types of bathtubs can be resurfaced if you really love it and want to keep it. A porcelain tub can be resurfaced for example but only if they are in reasonable condition. Installation is best left to a professional in home improvement plumbing, you do not want a leaking tub! If a tub is allowed to wear down too much, leaks can happen.

Toilets – replace or re-seat

When it comes to plumbing maintenance Perth or gas plumber perth one of the things that can be done with toilets is to fix the toilet seat or replace it. However, if you want a completely new toilet a plumber can remove the old toilet and old sealing ring, dispose of it properly, and then place down a new sealant ring and new toilet in the same place. If you want the toilet moved, then that will require more work to relocate the plumbing systems.

Flooring – restore or replace

If your flooring is starting to lift, pull away and is in pretty shoddy condition then it is time to replace it. Small damage restoration is fine and can save you some money, but for floors damaged beyond repair, it is best just to have your renovator pull it up and lay new flooring. A good bathroom renovation business will know this but make sure the flooring you choose is suitable for the damp conditions associated with bathrooms. Your flooring should be waterproof and secure so there are no tripping hazards.

Sinks, cabinets and vanities – replace or restore

Another thing to think about with home improvement plumbing is whether you want to replace the sink and vanity area. Sometimes the vanity is what needs replacing and the basin itself is fine, which is easy enough to handle. Sometimes it might look old but with a touch of paint and some care, you can restore it yourself. Sometimes the sink has aged, and as a result, you need a new one that a licensed plumber can handle for you. Make sure you get the right size sink, and that the taps still sit right in the new sink. Your plumber will pull your old sink out, scrape away the caulk, clean up the debris, put in the new sink, then re-attach the plumbing and re-caulk.

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