Home Renovations That Increase Property Value

Are you thinking about selling your house? If you’ve been investing in it throughout the years, there’s still something you could do to increase its property value and even earn some money along the way. Whether you decide to do it on your own or hire help, upgrading several elements in your home can make a huge difference in the price you can get from potential buyers. From upgrading the windows to working on your bathroom, and curb appeal, a home improvement can go a long way and bring you more money than you originally expected to get once you sell your house.

Installing new windows

New bigger windows will be one of the best investments in your home. They’ll allow for more natural light to illuminate the interior and make an entire home more inviting. Bright living spaces always bring more money than those that require lots of artificial lighting. So, start looking for bigger windows that will complement your interior and exterior. Don’t forget to add window treatments and create a more welcoming interior for potential buyers to fall in love with.

Improving the curb appeal

The house exterior is the first thing that potential buyers will come across during house hunting. In many cases, that’s exactly the aspect that attracts buyers to even start looking at the interior. Creating a stunning curb appeal by adding a wide and spacious driveway, for instance, will make a lot of difference. The lawn and all the landscaping in front of the house must be neat and tidy too. At a webshop, you can find all the necessary tools that will make working on your curb appeal a lot easier. Adding a few plants will also be a good idea. Drought tolerant plants are one of the best options for those not so garden-savvy.

Adding a deck

A modern deck in your backyard can add significant value to your home’s value. Those who’ve had the chance to test the theory say that they’ve managed to recoup over eighty percent of its cost at sale time. If you decide to build a deck, think about all the unique features you can add to it. How about adding a built-in bench? A fire pit will also look amazing and be a perfect place for friends to gather and have enjoyable summer get-togethers. With high-grade materials, you’ll create a long-lasting deck for many future owners to enjoy. With low-voltage lighting systems, the deck will get extra illumination and look safer to spend time at during the night.

Upgrading security systems

Having a high-security system in a house is of the essence when you want to increase the net value of your property. A surveillance system will be a good investment, allowing you to always have an eye out for potential intruders. That is especially convenient for large lots and homes with multiple entry points. An automatic water valve shutoff is also something that will offer peace of mind, and increase your home’s value. Detecting leaks early on will save you hundreds of dollars of damage.

Making a house reflect a universal design

Have you thought about making your home elderly-friendly? How about installing features that will allow people with various physical disabilities to move around the house freely and safely? Adding a universal design to your home will be invaluable. You never know whether your home is going to be attractive to someone with an elderly one or with people in wheelchairs. Everybody should be able to enter, exit, and move around the property without difficulties. Therefore, consider adding grab bars inconvenient places such as bathrooms, kitchens, hallways, and stairways. Offset hinges on the doors, rocker switches instead of toggle ones, and handles instead of knobs on kitchen cabinets, are just some of the upgrades that will make your house perfect for everyone to live in.

Spruce up bathrooms

Nobody likes an old dingy bathroom. If a potential buyer notices your chipped floor tiles or an old moldy bathtub, they won’t stay for the entire house tour. Aside from making the bathroom spic and span, you need to make it look brand new first. A little update goes a long way, so start with painting. Add a fresh coat of paint to the walls. Replace the old tub with a new one and bring in the new toilet as well. If your fixtures are over 20 years old, swap them for new ones and instantly add value to your home. Do you have the room to add another bathroom to your house? How about creating an annex room for your bedroom and building an en suite for the future family to enjoy?

Final thoughts

Are you ready to say goodbye to your current home? If you’re thinking about putting it on the market, be sure you increase its value first. Simply by adding a few upgrades to each room, you can significantly raise the price of your home and get the entire investment return to you quickly. Work on upgrading the windows and have the most attractive curb appeal in the neighborhood. Make the home elderly-friendly, spruce up the bathroom, and don’t forget to make the home safe with adequate security systems. 

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