How can a portable chainsaw mill improve profitability?

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If you work in the logging industry, then you already know the benefits of a portable mill, as they were first pioneered for this to reduce the difficulty of shipping and clearing away of lumber and to reduce the workload necessary once they arrive at the processing site/mill. However, forestry and grounds clearing or landscaping companies probably haven’t thought about the benefits of utilizing a portable mill like this on their larger projects where large trees have to be cleared away.

If you work in these industries, you know the difficulty of getting rid of exceptionally large trees, which have to be sectioned off manually with handheld chainsaws into movable sections, and those movable sections are rarely all that easy to get out of there, and it produces a lot of overhead and waste that you would love to be old converted to real profit. Wood has value, of course, but pairing up with a traditional mill to produce lumber, or chopping it up properly to sell office firewood isn’t really something you are set up for, and don’t want to waste your man hours on.

If only there was a way to more easily section off these trees on site, so that you could get rid of easily-process pieces of waste wood that would easily converted to lumber once arriving at a plant, or easily mulched are converted to firewood with the use of just another extra piece of equipment and very little extra labor. This will be a conversion of waste and overhead and profit, and that’s not something you can often safely achieve any business, so it would be foolish to turn down any opportunity to do so. On top of this, a portable mill like this can also make it easier to clear out the wood simply by making it more manageable in the first place. Gone are the days of having to chain them down and then take handheld salts to them, dangerously trying to section it off enough to get it moved. Now, you can set up a simple rig that can be set up either just on-site or even right where the tree is if it’s a big one, and you can run the tree through it, strip the limbs off, even strip the bark off and sectioned off into manageable pieces.

A portable chainsaw mill like this is a perfect way for landscaping and grounds clearing companies to turn some of the same profit that loggers have long been able to turn on smaller scale tree felling, allowing you to provide your customers with lower prices to clear the trees and still driving your profit margins up considerably, and that’s a real win-win scenario that you just don’t see very often in the business world.

I want to point out that there are things that you need to focus on and not cut corners with just for the sake of budget. Additional safety features, ease of configuration and variable scope of production are very important things to focus on when searching for the best portable chainsaw mill, but if you shop online and use your head, you can still save a ton of money on good equipment with all of these features guaranteeing the safety of your crew, the convenience of the technology and extra profit which makes everybody happier!

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By Michael Caine

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