How does a drug test strip work?

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Drug test strip, a paper or plastic made up strip which is used to detect the presence of drugs in the body of subjects such as urine and blood. There is a screening called an immunoassay screen. This important screen uses antibodies plant on test strip to divulge evidence of drug. This strip has chemical indicator when approach in touch with biological instance react or changes its color.

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The strip works on the basis of ruthless binding of drug material and adduct to the testing strip. Mostly used biological instance is urine for the drug testing. Drug testing strips are very cheap and safe ways to partition for drug abuse or weakness. There are many single strip kits for multi drug test which are available in the market. Anyone can choose single strip kit to check for any specific drug or multi test strip kits to check different drugs at the same time of any places or their house.

When the testing strips are sunk in the urine instance particular reaction get hold of place between the antibodies and antigens to break down a specific chemical composite in the Instance. The test depends on the concept of ruthless binding of the antibody between drug conjoin and free drug that maybe exist in the urine sample. If there is presence of any drug in the urine sample, it participates to conjoin of drug for a fixed number of antibody pigment conjugate. If the number of drug is the same or way more than the break off level, the essential of drug conjoin for the antibody will be averted.

Therefore, when the sample of urine tests practical for a drug, tinged loop will not appear on the test line region. The appearance of tinged loop specifies that both no drug or quantity of drug is fewer than earth break off level. For occasion, when is screening for any kind of drugs like OPI, THC, ASA, Ara-C, ASAP or RAMP in the urine instance, the existence of any kind of drugs would produce it to face quantity of the drug identified as the same Or more than the break off level. The bindings of drug conjoin to the antibody will be and consequently is stopping the tinting of the loop; the symbolic useful result. If there are no identified drugs, irrevocable of the drug conjoin to the antibody will get hold of place in the loop in the test line zone will get tinged, indicating a negative result.

When the drug test strip is occupied in the sample of urine, a tinged Loop will show in the control region. These expresses test is executed properly. A tinged Loop in test line region is checked as a negative result. That means no existence of drug or the quantity of drug current doesn’t meet worth break off level. No occurrence of tinged loop in the test line region specify a practical result that means existence of drug. If there is no appearance of any tinged loops in any of the zones, you can try to plunge the strips one more time in the urine instance.

For few more seconds and look over if the tinged loops appear. Even after the second set out if no tinged loops appear, then the test is treated to be invalid. Preparatory positive results can be committed with a more specific other testing system such as gas, reversed-phase. Cloaking with drug test strip is very factual, and the awareness levels attuned to the United States Material Abuse and Mental Health Service Administration worth and the level places are as suggested by the National institute on Drug Abuse. However, there is another way of false result required to the cross-reactions ensure with other material present in the urine.

A scarce mistake in the testing caused a false positive result. Drug test strip used for in diagnostic reasons only. It shows both a positive or negative result. Exegesis of drug strip result is done by analyzing the colors of the reaction wad. It is a fast and costly prior system of testing. To confirm prior positive results, different testing systems such as gas can be executed. It is wised to read the edict provided along with the drug test strip kit before germinal the test.

The test must be toted out very carefully to avoid poisoning since these drugs tests are very delicate and can lead to incorrect result.

Bottom line: Therefore, a drug test strip is a prior system that can only specify if the contributor is positive or negative. The subject should divulge if they are taking any suggested drugs for their health condition before being tested rather than later. The review officer of medical will decide the result and show to the subject.

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