How does nicotine E liquid work?

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If you have been a smoker for a long time, you have been probably tempted more than once to find an alternative that is at least healthier than actual smoking, and doesn’t have some of the other more publicly visible drawbacks like residual odor, staining of teeth and fingers, production of waste – and so forth. You also probably are tired of your home and/or vehicle smelling like an ashtray, and I don’t blame you, it was that aspect more so than my health that drove me to make that change in my life.

However, and this is especially true if you tried the original e-cigarette fluids out there in the early 2000’s, you may be reticent to switch to modern vapes, because those didn’t make a good impression on anyone. I will admit, modern vaping technology is a descendent of this, using the same concept of a rechargeable battery and a heating coil to evaporate a juice rather than combusting a plant. The similarities stop there, however, because every aspect of them is vastly superior to the first couple generations. Still, you may be wary of puffing on some sort of synthetic liquid if you don’t know what it is. I had to ask to, because I was wary as well, especially with how unsafe that first generation really turned out to be.

Today, I am going to share with you what I learned about the composition of E liquid and nicotine E liquid, and I’m going to explain why you probably don’t need to worry about even long-term health issues from it, though I have to say that that latter aspect can’t be guaranteed until we get that far in the technology’s maturity.

So, what is nicotine E liquid? It’s made of 3 basic components, and I will outline them now. The first, if it is nicotine at all, is the presence of salt nicotine. This is not actually salt in any way, that just describes the purify, crystalline nature of the harvested nicotine, with no other aspect of its source being present any longer. This is the same form of nicotine used in gums and patches that people use to quit, and is also used in similar, alternatives to smokeless tobacco comprise of coffee, salt nicotine and flavoring.

Nicotine, in and of itself, aside from being addictive and unhealthy for those with severe medical conditions or bodies that are not yet done growing, not really all that harmful, by the way. It’s everything that comes with it, when using tobacco, that is so toxic to pretty much anything alive.

The other 2 components are inert, being a glycerin compound like propylene glycol or vegetable oil, and some sort of artificial flavoring. These pass through your system, with part of it just converting to water, and what you exhale is just moisture as well. While I did point out that there is no guarantee of no long-term health issues, as the technology just hasn’t been around that long, these 3 components have been utilized for decades and other applications like inhalers, quitting aids and in flavoring various inhalants and environmental odor disposal systems, and no problems have arisen in all that time. Nobody, including experts on both sides of the fence with this product, or expecting surprises in this regard.

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By Michael Caine

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