How much does it cost to hire a language tutor?

How much does it cost to hire a language tutor?

How much does it cost to hire a language tutor?


Languages play a vital role in communicating with people all around the globe. One should learn different languages to boost brain power, improve memory, sharpen the mind, increase networking skills, enhance the ability to multitask, and most importantly, keep the mind young and active. The advantages of learning any language with the help of a tutor are that we can study at our pace and concentrate on the expertise that is important to us under a person who is expert in that language and will be available for our correction and for explanation of the new tricks and techniques that’ll be helpful in learning. Now, how much does it cost to learn a language? 

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Types of hiring a language tutor

You can learn any language nowadays. There are several ways of learning. Either one can hire a private tutor or someone who’ll teach online. The cost for both learning methods is high and different from each other. Language classes are expensive because the intonations are challenging to master and require a lot of instructions, guidance, and ample time. Let’s discuss the types in detail. 

Cost of online tutoring

Online learning is less expensive as compared to private education. You can hire someone through different tutoring websites. They’ll discuss with you the cost and online classes will be arranged. Another way is that you can start looking for someone who shows their skills and commitment by operating their website, blogging about their work, having a portfolio, and most importantly, providing you a clear idea of what the lessons will be like. The tutors with good remarks and good teaching skills will charge more money than the online apps. On some apps, you can even learn a language for free.

Moreover, it’s easier to do now as the technology is growing. We have an ever-growing plethora of courses and methods of teaching languages available, which will be given for free or at some minimum cost. But there’s a slight chance that the quality of education can be compromised. In online learning from apps, you have to learn by yourself. That’s one of the reasons that it’s comparatively cheap. Online tutors, on average, charge between $35 – $60 per hour. Prices may differ from this for different websites. One of the main reasons for the high cost is that online language tutors help you learn the language and correct use of grammar and will also focus on the three fundamental components of any language: Speaking, Listening, and Writing. 

Cost of private tutoring : 

Private tutors cost more than the online apps available and online tutors. This type of tutoring is relatively costly as it involves more planning, effort, hard work, commitment, and, most importantly, time. Teachers teaching privately gives you their time and have an eye on you. They are accommodating and will be available anytime you need any help. On average, a private tutor will charge between $25 to $80, depending on the time they’ll be giving you. If you want to try a language for any test, the prices will differ as the tricks and techniques vary. It starts from $45 per hour and goes up to $100 per hour. If you want to learn it at any private institute or local tutoring center, it’ll cost you $150-$200 per month. If you give your time and put effort into finding the right and hardworking tutor for yourself, it’ll be worth your money than you’ll ever be able to get from any language-learning resource. 


There’s a quotation by Edmund De Waal : 


If you invest in learning a language, it’ll be the best investment to benefit you till the end. It’ll help you outshine among others. You can learn languages through different means. Selecting the pocket-friendly way as learning a new language will provide many additional benefits.

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