How much is commercial insurance per month? Is it necessary to buy it?

Commercial Insurance

With the rapid development of the insurance industry and people’s deeper understanding of insurance, more and more people are buying commercial insurance, and there are more and more commercial insurance products on the market, meeting the protection needs of different groups. So, How much is commercial insurance per month? Is it necessary to buy commercial insurance?

1. How much is commercial insurance per month?

There is no way to determine how much commercial insurance costs a month because the monthly premiums of different commercial insurance products are also different, and the premiums of similar commercial insurance products of different insurance companies will also be different. In addition, whether the insured has social insurance and Factors such as age, insurance period, insurance amount, and payment method will also affect the premium of commercial insurance.

At present, the cheapest commercial insurance costs a few yuan a month, such as very short-term accident insurance. Usually, the monthly cost of commercial insurance is about tens of yuan, such as term life insurance, million medical insurance, Adult accident insurance, etc. The premium of these insurance products is only a few hundred yuan a year, and an average of tens of yuan a month, while the price of critical illness insurance is relatively high, and the annual premium is usually several thousand yuan or tens of thousands of yuan. After calculating, it costs several hundred yuan a month. Consumers buying commercial insurance should choose appropriate commercial insurance according to their actual needs and economic conditions.

2. Is it necessary to buy commercial insurance?

Everyone must buy commercial insurance because everyone needs insurance protection, even those with social insurance need to buy commercial insurance to supplement it because the scope of medical insurance reimbursement in social insurance has certain restrictions, The part that cannot be reimbursed by medical insurance needs to be paid by oneself.

The medical insurance in commercial insurance can reimburse out-of-pocket medical expenses that cannot be reimbursed by medical insurance and can reduce the medical expenses that need to be paid by individuals. Moreover, the reimbursement amount of medical insurance is limited, and sometimes the protection ability is relatively weak. For example, for critical illnesses, it is very necessary to have commercial critical illness insurance at this time. In addition, medical insurance cannot protect against the accidental death of the insured. If the insured dies, unfortunately, the medical insurance does not give any compensation, but commercial accident insurance can provide accidental death protection and can pay.

3. What should I pay attention to when buying commercial insurance?

Things to keep in mind when buying commercial insurance:

1. Purchase on demand. The insured should clarify personal needs and can choose commercial insurance products that suit them according to their needs. Do not regret buying an inappropriate insurance product.

2. Do what you can, consumers must clarify their personal insurance budget, and do not affect their normal life because of excessive investment. The cost of buying insurance should not exceed 10% of the family’s total annual income.

It can be seen from this article that commercial insurance needs to spend between a few yuan to tens of yuan or hundreds of yuan a month, and everyone must buy it. However, appropriate commercial insurance products should be purchased according to the actual situation.

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