How to Buy Mobile Phone Using a Debit Card EMI

How to Buy Mobile Phone Using a Debit Card EMI

Bank of Baroda has just launched an offer called “On The Fly Debit Card EMI”. It is the easiest way to purchase a smartphone of your choice. All you need is a pre-approved customer, the smartphone of your choice, and an EMI-capable credit card.

Wanna buy a brand new smartphone but don’t want to worry about getting a pre-approved loan for that? Get an ‘On The Fly Debit Card EMI’ card from Bank of Baroda and avail instant approval for mobile phone on EMI today!

On The Fly debit card EMI bob by Bank of Baroda, empowers customers to fulfil dreams and aspirations by making the purchase of smartphones, tablets and other electronics items affordable. Discover how here:

Do you know that your Bank of Baroda debit card can make you eligible for an ‘On The Fly Debit Card EMI’? Here is everything that you need to know about this offer from Bank of Baroda.

Debit Card EMI offers from Bank of Baroda on mobile phones and electronic appliances make it possible for you to buy your beloved smartphone(s) without paying a hefty price tag.

Buying a new smartphone is always exciting. You can spend time browsing all the new features, colours and brands, looking at comparison charts and researching the best deals. It’s an exciting prospect indeed. However, paying up front for a new smartphone is sort of a worry, especially if it happens to be an expensive model.

Set up your EMI by debit card in less than 5 minutes, no bank account required. Simply choose products you like, grab an order form from us and get it filled-in at any retail outlet of our choice, then pay the debit card EMI amount on the same day with no extra effort!

EMI on debit cards makes it easier to buy expensive products you want, especially when budgets are limited. See the possibilities!

Debit card EMIs are a fine way to purchase high-value products over time. We take care of the payments for you, so shopping for big items has never been easier. Call us today and learn more about debit card EMI.

A debit card emi on credit cards is the worst nightmare of any individual. The recent demonetization drive by the Government of India has fueled the craze for online shopping among the masses. The digital economy has given consumers a lot of flexibility to use their money as per their needs and not be locked into monthly EMIs.

Yes, paying for your credit card bills via EMI is very convenient. You can schedule an EMI payment at any point in time. Learn more about EMI from us. Debit Cards have become an important part of our lives. Be it shopping online or offline, paying your bills, booking movie tickets and more, you can do all from the comfort of your home using a Debit card.

At the checkout page, you may see the laptop on EMI option right away. If you like it, click on it. You will again be presented with options to choose a bank, card or other details to complete the transaction. If there are no EMIs offered, they will also be listed in the terms and conditions section of the store’s website where you can evaluate various offers.

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