How To Choose Kitchen Handles?

Are you thinking of renovating or giving your kitchen a facelift? Kitchen handles are a good way to start. Today we tell you some things you should know to successfully choose handles for furniture and cabinets.

Decorating a kitchen is not an easy task. You have to choose colors, materials, coatings, accessories, etc. Even if you have a good interior design expert, it is very common that you have to make decisions on your own.

As in all decisions it is normal to make mistakes. It has happened to all of us and it would happen to us again, if not repeating our mistakes, committing new ones.

Kitchen handles may seem like something unimportant or transcendent, but you will see right away that this is not the case. Handles are an important element for several reasons: they can make your kitchen much more decorative, and they can also make it more or less functional and comfortable. Do you want to know why? Keep reading.

The best kitchen cabinet handles

As always, there are NO fixed rules, but there are certain tips or trends that must be followed. Among the many handles for kitchen furniture that you can find on the market, there are some specific ones that will be perfect for you. For its style, for its size and shape, for its finish. After reading this you will have no doubts.

The choice of handles is governed by the style of the kitchen and its furniture. A classic handle is not the same as a modern one for modern kitchen furniture.

And, in addition to style, there are other things to consider such as size: very small handles on the doors of very large cabinets can never look good. Not the other way around.

You should also take into account the material of the kitchen cupboard handles, its quality and its ease of cleaning. Avoid designs that are too convoluted, with nooks and crannies where dirt can accumulate. Remember that kitchen cabinets stain a lot, a lot.

Hidden kitchen handles or not to put handles

It is one of the most current trends of the moment. In fact, the most modern bathroom and kitchen furniture and, above all, those with a more minimalist design are coming out without handles. It is a way of making the lines of the furniture purer.

Actually it is not that they do not have handles, but that these are integrated into the doors so that they are not visible. There are several ways to get it. One is with the handles, which are the ones that are embedded in the edge of the door or cabinet.

Another way to integrate the kitchen cupboard handles, leaving them hidden, is with the so-called rim handles. It is a system by which an aluminum profile is incorporated into the furniture that leaves a hole to be able to open them.

Either of these two ways of integrating the kitchen cupboard handles has an advantage to be taken into account. Cleaning is much easier and faster, as there is no element in the door.

Handle handles, classic and modern

They are one of the most used models in kitchens, whether they are modern or classic. This is because there are handle handles of all styles. They are placed horizontally and you find them, above all, made of metal. However, the finishes and colors can vary a lot: gold, chrome, matt or gloss, with an aged look, etc.

Other options to consider

Vertical or bar handles are also quite common. They are very popular, especially in today’s kitchens. They are placed vertically on cabinet doors and horizontally on drawers and chests of drawers. There are simple and modern models, perfect for today’s kitchens, and others that are more classic, with curved and more traditional shapes.

These same ones can be combined in the same kitchen with the previous ones, that is to say, we can find in the same kitchen vertical handles for narrow and tall cabinets and, on the other hand, horizontal handles for the most used drawers.

So are the knobs of a lifetime. Although modern kitchens do not usually have knobs as kitchen cupboard handles, they are common in more classic wooden furniture. Also in rustic kitchens we can see wooden, metal or ceramic knobs.

Now that you know the different handles for kitchen furniture that you can find, you can choose the ones you like the most for style, design or functionality.

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