How to Choose the Best and Cheap Vape Juice in Canada

Vape Juice

Shopping for the right e-liquid can confuse you if you are new to vaping. Or, you may want to try out the best flavours as a vaper in Canada. Vaporizers look nice with fresh coils; however, you may not enjoy vaping to the fullest without your desirable vape juice. Shopping for the best and cheap vape juice in Canada is fun and overwhelming for the vapers. Nevertheless, it’s never easy for vapers to choose the best flavours with so many options available to them. Any ideas on how to choose the best vape juice for your vape pen? We can guide you about it.

What Does an E-Liquid or a Vape Juice Contain?

How to Choose the Right or a Cheap Vape Juice 

You can choose the right or a cheap vape juice while considering the following:

Nicotine strength

Choosing the Flavour:

Smokers who turn to vape what to know the best flavours for vaping. There are plenty of tobacco flavoured vape juices you can choose for vaping. For example, you can go with Virginia tobacco flavoured vape juice to vape with great notes of smokiness. Nevertheless, you have many fruity choices for e-liquids besides tobacco-flavoured vape juices. Mango, mango lychee, peach, orange, and watermelon ice are some fruity and icy vape juices you may try.

Smoking suppresses the taste buds of smokers with the taste of smoke. Once you quit smoking, you also gain your sense of smell and taste buds with time. Nevertheless, vaping helps smokers quit smoking and inhale fruit-flavoured vape clouds. Many smokers have turned to vape, and you may, too, if you want to give up smoking.

Nicotine Percentage:

Another factor to keep in mind when you choose your flavour is nicotine strength. Knowing the right strength will help you vape your e-juice with the best experience. If you have an all-in-one type vaporizer, you may need to choose 12mg of regular nicotine or 35mg of salt nicotine. Or, stay in between 3 to 6mg if your device generates more heat and vapour. These are the strengths you may go with as a heavy smoker.


The last thing you need to consider to choose the best and cheap vape juice in Canada is the price. If you’re new to vaping, you should only go with the most popular vape juice. Also, make sure you buy your fruit or tobacco-flavoured vape juice from a reputable dealer. Nonetheless, you can save more if you purchase more than a few bottles from a reputable vape juice dealer. For example, you may get a discount of 10 or 15 or 20 percent if you buy more than a few e-liquids from the seller.  


  1. Realize whether you want to vape a tobacco-flavoured e-liquid or a fruity-flavoured vape juice.
  2. Understand the right nicotine strength for your device to vape without hurting the throat.
  3. Lastly, consider the money you have in hand while buying the vape juice. You may save some money if you buy more than a few vape juices from a reputable vape juice dealer.
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