How To Dramatize Your Boundary Walls?

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Whether really tall, or short, thin or broad, humans have always been fascinated by walls and fences. These walls and fences not only define the boundaries but also protect you from external elements. These structures that delineate and divide have been standing tall for years and bearing the harsh climate.

Available in various shapes and sizes, boundary walls serve a variety of purposes, such as providing safety and enhancing the decor of the house. From concrete stone verticals to retaining walls and painted fences, beautiful boundary walls and fences elevate the decor of your garden or yard. 

Here Are a Few Boundary Wall Design Ideas to Decorate Your Homes.

Living Wall

Living green walls consist of plants, which are grown vertically using hydroponics. Living green walls are also known as vertical gardens or eco walls. These walls consist of plants that are inserted into a growing medium, then fixed on the walls.

These walls provide a vertical surface to the plants and are beneficial at places where there is limited space. These provide a perfect environment to your homes as they keep the place cool, help to improve air quality, and give a real look.

Feature Walls

These walls are big blank walls. You can give them a new look by painting them in deep dark colors. These walls provide a dramatic background for your plants and decorative items. You can use cute planters with decorative plants or hanging baskets to adorn the boundary wall with lush foliage. 

To paint the walls choose hues that enhance the aesthetic appeal of your residence. Feature walls give a decorative focal point to your garden. It helps you to decorate the place and bring it to life. You can use various materials such as timber or natural stone to give it a more rustic look and make a statement.


These define the boundaries of a home and provide safety and security to the residents. A durable fence is a good alternative to boundary walls. 

A stylish and well-maintained fence adds a sense of sophistication and gives your home an aesthetic appeal. Earlier fences used to look boring, but today there is a great demand for unfussy horizontal linear designs.

Fences add a smart finish to your homes. These look highly attractive and are maintenance-free. They provide an ideal backdrop for plants and protect the garden from extreme weather.

Retaining Walls

It is a wall constructed to restrain soil to a slope. It supports the soil laterally and can be retained at different levels on both sides of the wall. These walls bound soil between two different levels. There are various types of retaining walls such as gravity wall, buttressed retaining wall, green retaining wall, and anchored wall, to name a few. These walls help to integrate stonework into the area and transform the landscape completely. They also help prevent soil erosion.

Brick Walls

Brick walls are not quite popular today, but they provide a historic elegance to your home. High-quality bricks, cement, and fine masonry skills are required to design these walls. These walls are aesthetically beautiful and durable. They are resistant to high temperatures and require very little maintenance.

You can add creativeness to the walls by adding elements such as an arched window to break the monotony of the wall. You can also add rich-colored glazed tiles, bold, fun features, a timber bench, or

a wall-to-wall mirror to add luxury to your yard or garden. You can now augment the look of your home’s exterior with a remarkable brick wall, featured wall, living wall, and even retaining wall in Perth and other cities easily.

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