How to Fix the Facebook Messenger Issues?

Social media giant Facebook is one of the most popular platforms. Facebook owns other social media platforms like Instagram, WhatsApp, and Messenger. They are now all under one umbrella group and that is Meta. Facebook has around 2.85 billion monthly users which makes it the largest social media platform. 

In this article, we will tell you about Messenger and some issues you face like the Messenger on Facebook not working.

Messenger is an instant messaging application that allows users to share photos, audio, videos, or texts. 

Why is Facebook Messenger not working?

People often complain that they face issues with Facebook Messenger. Those issues and solutions to them are discussed below.

The common problems are mentioned below:

  • The application freezes and crashes: This is the most common problem people face while using the application. Many times, the app freezes and it crashes, making it problematic to use.
  • Not loading media from your phone’s gallery: Sometimes the application takes time or does not load media from the gallery. 
  • Not being able to install on your phone properly: Sometimes the application does not install on the device you are utilizing and that is why people complain “Why is Facebook messenger not working?”.
  • Not showing the messages: The application even finds it difficult to load the messages.
  • Not working even after the update: It happens many times that even after updating, the application does not work properly. 


The Solutions to them are mentioned below:

  • Restart your phone: It is the universal solution to fix the applications that are causing problems. In many cases, restarting your phone solves the problem. Shut down your device, wait for some time, and then switch on it. This can solve your issue as it resets the memory.
  • Clear Unnecessary Data and Cache: If you are not able to send or receive messages, then you can try clearing all the unnecessary data and cache on your device. It will clean your device and you are good to go. If this step solves your problem, then, that’s great and if not, hit the next solution.
  • Force stop the Messenger application: Is your Facebook messenger not working? Then you can try this step. You can force stop the Messenger application with the help of the following steps:
  1. The initial step is to go to ‘Settings’ on your phone and click on ‘Applications’. 
  2. Look for the ‘Messenger’ application and click on it.
  3. Click on ‘Force Stop’ to exit from the application. 
  • Uninstall And Reinstall The Messenger Application: If Messenger on Facebook is not working, then uninstall the Messenger application and reinstall it again. In many cases, this solution helps. 

If you are using an iOS device, then you need to long-press on the icon until it starts shaking and click on uninstall.

And, if you are using an Android, then, long-press on the icon of the app you need to uninstall and choose the uninstall option.

To reinstall the application, go to Play Store or App Store, look for Messenger and click on install.

  • Check the internet connection: If you are facing issues, then check your internet connection.

We hope we were able to give you enough solutions for the “Why is Facebook messenger not working?” problem.

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