How to Make a Cloth Utensil Holder – A Step by Step Guide


To make a cloth utensil holder, you’ll need two pieces of fabric and a needle. For the first part of the project, cut two 7″ by 24″ rectangles from a durable scrap piece of fabric. Place your utensils inside the rectangles and pin them in place. Then, fold one of the squares over the other, lining up the pinned ends. Use the needle and thread to sew the utensil roll to the center of the fabric.

The second step involves making the utensil tabs. The fabric tubes are cut into the shape of a cylinder. You will then sew a seam in the center of the back side of the cylinder and then top stitch the opening shut. Now, you will want to fold up the sides and attach the rolled-up utensils to them. Then, pin them in place. If you want a more professional look, you can use a leather cord to wrap the roll. Once you’ve finished sewing the tabs, you’ll be ready to add the button.

The utensil tabs can be made of any type of fabric. A simple cloth napkin is the perfect material for this project. But if you’d like something a little more rustic, you can use burlap fabric. It will give the holder a homey, farmhouse vibe. You can decorate the holder with lace or burlap ribbon. You can also use a leather cord to wrap the roll. Just make sure to pin it in place before sewing the side seam.

To make a cloth utensil holder, you can use any material that you find suitable. If you’re trying to make one for your kitchen, you can use a plain white fabric. Another good choice is burlap, which has a rustic farmhouse vibe. If you don’t like to use burlap, you can add lace or ribbon to make it more attractive. The idea is to make one that matches your table decor, and you’ll have a stylish, functional piece of tableware for your home.

To make a cloth utensil holder, you need two pieces of fabric and a fabric-napkin. You can use a ruler or a tracing paper to make the pouch. After cutting the fabric, you can decorate it. Once you’ve finished making the cutlery holder, you’ll need to fold the pouch over and tie it with a fabric strip. To make your cloth utensil holder, follow these instructions.

You can use a cloth utensil holder to keep your utensils safe. This DIY project is easy to make and only needs a few supplies. It is a great way to customize a space. You can use a fabric t-shirt for the front part and a piece of fabric for the back. You can decorate the inside and outside of the pouch as you wish.

To make a cloth utensil holder, you’ll need to make two pieces of fabric. You can buy a fabric t-shirt at a wholesale store. A few squares of fabric can be used for a cutlery pouch. To create a cloth utensil runner, use a cloth t-shirt for the back. When it’s finished, the t-shirt will serve as a handy accessory.

To make a cloth t-shirt utensil holder, use three strips. You can make a t-shirt pocket using a single piece of fabric. A folded front strip and a strip of fabric for the back will fit snugly in the back of the cutlery holder. Next, add a small cutlery pouch in the bottom. Then, fold the strip in half and sew the two pieces together with a 1/8 inch seam allowance.

The finished t-shirt holder looks nice and adds extra storage space to the kitchen. The pockets can be made out of a thick, cotton fabric. Choose a color that matches the rest of your kitchen and your decor. For a unique look, choose a fabric with a floral print. The colors you select for the t-shirt will add a touch of color. When you make a t-shirt holder, you’ll want to use one of three fabrics to match your theme.

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