How To Plan The Perfect Wedding Ceremony?

A wedding is one the most memorable days of everyone’s life. It is essential to mark this day with loads of happiness and grace. It also comes with the responsibility of having a perfect ceremony. It has to be a day that shall remain etched in your memory forever. Has the date of your wedding ceremony been finalised? This article will help you to plan things without much confusion.

Wedding planning checklist

Imagine what comes to your mind when you think of a marriage celebration? Is it a party or formal dinner? Or a big fat wedding with many guests? Whatever you plan, don’t panic. Take things one at a time. Take your partner and family into confidence. Together make a wish list — a list of what you want is crucial to get everything sorted. 

  • Selecting your dress – What are you planning to wear to your ceremony? You must have browsed many outfits by now. But have you bought any? Choosing a perfect dress can be challenging. The colour, length, and other specifications you want in your attire are to be taken care of. Going to a designer specialising in wedding wardrobe can be of great help.
  • Deciding a location – This brings back to square one as this factor is dependent on the type of wedding you are looking for. Booking the venue way in advance is a must. If you delay this process, you may have to opt-out of the locations of your choice. How about having a destination wedding? It will involve staying in that place along with the guests too. You will have to make your bookings much beforehand to avoid future hassles. Before finalising a venue, a key factor to keep in mind is the number of guests you invite. Too many people at a small place will lead to a commotion. Ensuring a space that can comfortably host your guests and also leave room for the ceremony (and dancing, and a photo booth, too?) is essential.
  • Booking a photographer – You will obviously want to save memories of the day! For this, it is necessary to book and confirm your wedding photographer and videographer. Make a shortlist of a few wedding photographers and browse their portfolio and sample work. Now, all you need to do is shortlist from your favourites! You can get the best wedding photographer in Sydney from Evoke photography. Their team is expert in wedding photography and will help you create a beautiful portrait for your wedding. No matter which corner you are located in, they will travel (even overseas) to document your precious day. Photographers add life to the picture, and by booking them, you will be able to relive the day when you go through the photos later. It is one of the most important things that should be on your to-do list.
  • Finalising the menu – Can there be festivity without food? Deciding on a menu that will cater to your needs and choice is vital — it also involves your wedding cake. Order your favourite flavour and decide on a design. Sample the menu before you zero in. Fix the course you want, along with wines and champagnes to raise a toast.

The buck does not stop there. Besides the basic and primary points mentioned above, many other pointers can be considered. For instance, you should consider the transportation to reach the venue (and leave after the party). How about a luxury car complete with a chauffeur? That takes all the stress away as you focus on the event! Then, of course, you may consider arranging for photo booths for those Instagrammable pictures. And how about some music (live or recorded) and DJ for those romantic moments and reception dance? Finally, be happy on your special day and have fun – making happy memories is all that matters.

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