How to Recover Headphones Not Showing Up in Playback Devices on Windows 10?

headphone not showing up in Playback Devices

The first step in this process is to check the hardware in your headphones. If they don’t appear in the list, they might be faulty hardware. Then, enable them to see the device list. If the problem persists, you should restart the computer and try again. In most cases, this will solve the issue. To perform the recovery process, follow these steps:

The next step is to check if the headphones are still in the Playback Devices list. Sometimes, they are hidden, and you need to enable them manually. To do this, right-click a blank space, and then select “Show Disconnected and Disabled Devices”. When the headsets are now in the Playback Devices list, you can right-click on them and click “Enable.”

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Fix Headphones Not Showing Up in Playback Devices on Windows 10

To fix this issue, you need to disable the front panel jack in the device manager. To do so, right-click the audio icon in the taskbar, and click Sounds. From here, open the Sound tab, and click the Recording tab. In the playback devices list, check Disabled and Disconnected devices. In the Audio Output Devices list, you need to activate the headset and then switch to the audio output device.

If you have the audio output disabled in the headphones, Microsoft may have missed it and turned off. The only way to restore the audio output is to enable it from the control panel. To do this, simply open the Sound tab, click the large icon option, and restart the audio device. Then, you can try again. If the problem is fixed, your headphones will now show up in the Playback Devices section of the Devices window.

If you have the headphone not showing up in Playback Devices list, you should try to update the drivers. However, this can also be a sign of an issue with the hardware itself. As a result, you should reboot your computer. If the problem persists, you should check your settings again. If you haven’t changed anything, you can then install the driver and wait for it to take effect.

If your headphones are not showing up in the Playback Devices list on Windows 10, you may need to update them. You might have outdated audio drivers, which is a common cause of this problem. After the installation, you can try enabling the stereo mixer. If it doesn’t work, you should check your hardware. If you have an old audio driver, it could be the reason behind the problem.

If your headphones are not showing up in the Playback Devices list on Windows 10 because of an outdated audio driver, you may need to upgrade your hardware. You may also need to update your audio drivers. If this does not work, you should try updating the device. You can also try reinstalling the operating system. In this way, you can recover your headphones from the Playback Devices list.

If the problem still persists, you can try disabling the front panel jack detection. This will stop the audio driver from recognizing your headphones. To make sure that the headphones are properly working, you should press the volume keys on your PC. Then, you should click the speaker icon in the bottom right corner. In the window, open the Sound tab. Choose the Sounds option and re-enable the headphones.

Bottom Line

First, you should determine whether the problem is related to the hardware or software. It is important to make sure that the audio driver is the right one for your headphones. Using a different audio port can help you in the process. Once you are satisfied with the audio driver, you should proceed with the next step. You can also switch your audio device to another one.

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