How To Repair The 1335 “Office1 Cab” Error On Your PC

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Error 1335 often occurs when you are trying to install a Microsoft Office XP service package or Microsoft Office 2000 on your PC. Most of the errors are annoying windows errors 0x0 0x0 Reasons why this error occurs from system installation problems, or problems with files the installation package is required to be installed on your system. Fortunately, it is actually a very easy mistake to fix, as it is caused by a certain set of problems and errors. Continue reading this lesson to know how to fix this mistake.

What Causes This Error?

You will often find a Microsoft Office 1335 Error whenever you try to install Microsoft Office 2000 or Microsoft Office XP into your system. This error is the result of problems with the installation application or associated files. Thankfully, unlike other bugs, Microsoft Office 1335 Error is much easier to fix. This tutorial will guide you through the steps on how to fix this error.

The Microsoft Office 1335 error pops up whenever you try to install Windows Office Programs on your PC. Below is a standard message format displayed on your screen if you encounter this error;
»” Error 1335-Cannot copy file file The file may be corrupted. “

In cases where you are trying to install Microsoft Office on your PC with Safe Mode, an error will be displayed in this format:
»” Windows Installation service could not be accessed. This is possible if you are using Windows in safe mode or if the Windows Installer is not properly installed. “

Microsoft Office 1335 Error can be traced to corrupt media, problems with your system’s CD ROM or memory sharing issues. In addition, this error can be caused by malware programs, registration problems and an application installer that cannot access the required configuration files from the CD-ROM program settings.

1335 Error Repair Steps On Your PC

To fix a Microsoft Office 1335 error, the first thing to do is to check for any damage to your installation CD. If your CD is damaged or has significant abrasions, your PC may not always be able to read it properly. So before you can play the installation CD on your PC, you need to test it. If you find that it is damaged, you need to replace or repair it using a CD repair tool.

One category in your system that is best known for creating errors is the error 1335 registration. The register is designed to keep all the processing information used by Windows in its operation. You will find that you cannot download Windows-based applications if your subscription does not work or fails. The split in the register occurs whenever any of its files are damaged or damaged, which unfortunately happens frequently. You will notice when your subscription does not work properly, as your computer will slow down and will not be able to read files and programs properly, eventually leading to costly errors like Microsoft Office 1335 error. IT and online computer stores.


PC errors can be extremely annoying especially when you encounter these errors in the middle of a deadline. Error 0x0 0x0 frantically call your PC tech support only to find out that your hardware is no longer covered by its warranty. You spend time and money to have these errors fixed. But do you know that you can repair these errors yourself and save time and money in the process? Here is an easy-to-do guide on PC error repair you can do yourself.

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