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Every year, a substantial number of students from all over the globe enroll in UK universities with the aspirations of pursuing their dream jobs in the UK’s lively cities such as London, Scotland, Birmingham, Glasgow, and Edinburgh. There are many world-class institutions in these places, but the cost of studying and living in the UK for overseas students is astronomical.

Cost of Study in the UK

Undergraduate Bachelors£10,000 to £38,000
Postgraduate Masters£11,000 to £30,000
Doctoral Program£18,000
Entrance Exam Fees$185

The cost of the course

You’ll need enough money to cover the cost of your education for a full academic year (up to 9 months). On your Confirmation of Acceptance (CAS) for Studies, you’ll see the amount you’ll need to pay

For visa applications, if you’ve been in the UK for at least 12 months with a valid visa, you don’t need to establish that you have this money.

Tuition fees

You must show that you have the financial resources to pay the whole academic year’s tuition charges.

The amount may be reduced by money that has already been paid to the institution. Your CAS will show you your tuition costs for the current academic year, as well as how much you must have paid.

Please check the cost of your fees if you are wondering how much your program will cost.

Tuition fees, paid to the University to cover course and university expenses, are the most expensive part of your education. Your tuition expenses cover the following:

  • The total cost of your undergraduate degree at the University, including registration, tuition, supervision, and examination fees.
  • Your graduation ceremony
  • The resources and tools you’ll need to finish your studies, such as computer labs, laptop access, the library, and laboratories
  • Academic, financial, professional, and well-being help, as well as personal tutors, are all available via the University.
  • Involvement in a student organization.
  • Microsoft Office, SPSS, and Adobe Creative Suite (which includes Photoshop, InDesign, and Adobe Premiere Pro) software.

Calculating your monthly living costs

The amount of money you’ll need for living costs may vary depending on the duration of your program. It’s measured in months.

Your CAS will display the start and finish dates of your course. Use this to figure out how many months your program will last.

Multiply the number of months by £1334 or £1023, depending on your preference (depending on your campus)

The maximum amount you will be required to demonstrate for living costs is nine months (£12006 or £9207 depending on your school).

Costs of living upfront

Keep in mind that you may need some cash for upfront charges before your maintenance loan is approved. For example, if you live in halls or leased housing, you may be required to pay a deposit and maybe a month’s rent in advance.

Ascertain that you have sufficient funds to sustain yourself through the first few weeks of University.

Applications that include dependents:

  • You will need to prove extra money for each dependent if you apply with dependants (such as a spouse, partner, or children). Please refer to our instructions for using with dependents.
  • Bank statements and other forms of financial documentation.
  • After reading the following advice, you may contact the International Student Advice Service if you have any questions. However, please do so only after you’ve read all of the previous information completely. You may be sent back to the material above if your inquiry is answered in the above information.
  • When you don’t need to show that you can maintain yourself financially.

You don’t have to provide proof of your financial necessity if:

  • If you have had a study visa in Uk for the last 12 months, you must be in the UK when your application for a student visa.
  • You’re interested in becoming a sabbatical officer for the student union.
  • You’re applying to a recognized foundation program as a postgraduate doctor or dentist.


Before you arrive at University, you must reserve your accommodations and make financial arrangements. Before beginning your term of study, you must have adequate financing in place to pay your tuition fees, housing, books, stationery, food, and, of course, social expenses as a measure to not run into any trouble.

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