How to Use Instagram Filters to Increase Your Engagement

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Engaging with your followers on an individual scale has been more accessible. Instagram remains the preferred platform for connecting with your followers and expanding your business. Instagram offers a wide array of tools that you can utilize to improve and market your brand efficiently. Based on the data that Instagram has collected, on Instagram:
• 95% of consumers adhere to an organization,• 50% of people are interested in the brand after seeing advertisements for it, and• 2/3 of Instagram users have stated that Instagram has made interaction with brands more convenient and easily accessible.

Instagram gives you various tools to establish your style of branding, develop your business, and interact directly with your customers.

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Like many websites on social media, Instagram is constantly evolving and updating its features and the database of its users. So, while it may seem easy to gain traction initially, keeping it relevant is the main challenge. Instagram users want new content, and it’s up to the brand to be on top of this and offer the same. This isn’t a cakewalk. With the constantly changing algorithm, the new features, and various options for filters, engaging with your customers requires staying alert and informed about emerging trends and consumer preferences.

How to Increase Engagement on Instagram

According to research conducted by Mention, video posts get more than twice as many engagements via comments and likes than photos. To stay ahead of the changing trend, intelligent companies have changed their marketing strategies to include more videos to remain relevant.

We’ve gotten far beyond the video post. Instagram now has a range of tools that brands can utilize to interact with their customers, including IGTV, Instagram Reels, Instagram Guides polls, stickers for Q&A, and last but certainly not least, filters. There are many methods to use filters to increase the amount of engagement you can get on Instagram.

What are AR Filters?

Brands have utilized Augmented Reality/ AR filters to create an interactive experience for their customers way before Instagram. For instance, IKEA launched an AR marketing campaign in 2013 that used digital technology to show furniture at its customers’ homes. AR filters are an excellent method of helping consumers decide on a product experiencing it themselves. Before Instagram, it was not an affordable or accessible method to accomplish this. Today, brands can develop custom AR filters that precisely match their product’s base on Instagram. So, those who are interested in your brand’s products can utilize their AR filter and interact with your product.

Instagram joined forces with Spark AR studio in 2019 and made available the creation of AR filters to the general public. Since that time, Instagram filters have taken the social media platform to the forefront, with certain filters becoming viral and gaining more than 1 billion views. Companies are now opting to utilize this platform to their advantage by making Instagram filters that promote their products and boost users’ engagement to a higher level. An example of this could be NARS cosmetics, which has created numerous filters that allow users to test different lipstick shades.

How does it work?

Brand marketers can design custom AR filters, post the filters on their own stories and let their followers test them themselves. They can then share these filters by sharing these filters to their posts which will further expand the brand’s reach and increase engagement. By putting your filters on their seats, the followers are acting as your brand’s ambassadors, which can lead to more engagement and an unending reach. With Instagram being among the most popular social media platforms for branding and customer interaction, creating an excellent AR filter can help. It draws your followers’ attention and may even permit it to become viral. This can lead to more re-shares and encourage users to interact with your content.

Brands must strive to develop AR filters that let users recreate their style and feel their product in person. Contrary to popular opinion, Instagram filters aren’t that difficult to create. Designing an original, unique, and branded Instagram filter is more straightforward than many believe. In today’s world, there’s never a shortage of people with creative ideas willing to help in the process. Here are a few suggestions to help you begin your journey:1. Make sure you have a thorough, creative description.

Utilizing AR filters is stimulating. In addition, the Instagram AR technology is enjoyable to work with and simple to control. Even if you’re only creating new filters to get the most of the “wow” factor, you must ensure that you’re taking advantage of the chance to establish your brand through the process. Instagram filters can have an enormous difference in discovering your brand and its growth. In addition, with the virality of filters rising to the sky in the present, it’s impossible to lose. 

When you’re establishing your creative brief, think about these things carefully:

Who are you aiming at?

Choose your market. Who do you intend to reach out to? Like most market research, establishing an audience right from the beginning is crucial. Your target market is what you’re trying your best to draw. This is the audience whom you’re trying to reach. They’re the ones you would like to see purchase your goods and engage in your business. Future campaigns, including AR filters, are geared towards these people.

Be specific about your market. It’s not just “Instagram followers.” Which group of Instagram followers specifically are you trying to reach? Are you looking to acquire new followers? Are you aiming to reach these new followers via sponsored ads or utilizing your existing followers? Are you looking for free Instagram followers? The goal is to get the value you would like to offer your ideal viewers.

What’s your goal?

What are you hoping to achieve with this filter? Please choose what you want the filter to accomplish for you, whether that creates brand recognition, increases your customers’ engagement, or converts them. Setting a clear purpose will allow you to establish goals for the campaign, serving as a direction to your creative team.

What’s the tone you’d like to amplify?

Are you planning to work on an existing tone well-known to your target audience? Are you trying out something different and experimenting with a different style? What are you hoping people to feel while applying your filter? It could be joy, excitement, or awe. Make sure you know what feeling you’d like your filter to convey.

What’s your appeal to action?

What is the filter’s role in achieving your goals? What is it that it allows users to achieve? Are you using an evergreen filter, or is it based on events? What direction would you like the lens of your camera to be positioned? Is it from an angle of a selfie or the user’s viewpoint? Take a look at the current Instagram filters for ideas and determine what you like best.

What is your marketing strategy?

The most effective way to promote it is to share it in your own stories and highlight your followers to share and use the filters they have on their own. You can also promote it via influencer marketing or even ad spending. Utilizing influencers to promote your filter can be a suitable method of tracking its effectiveness and remaining on top of followers’ feedback.2. Select your team of creatives carefully.

You will likely require hiring outside talent to develop an AR filter. Talent is always available – particularly in freelance networks. This is the reason you have to prepare a thorough description. The more detailed your brief will be, the more efficient your team of creatives will be in creating an outstanding filter. Once you’ve discovered your designer, work with them on the particulars for the filters.3. Review the results.

This is the aspect that will determine if you’ve succeeded in achieving what you intended to accomplish in your brief. Analyze your efforts to assess your audience’s patterns and the overall effectiveness of your AR campaign. Please apply what you’ve discovered to determine how to optimize the Instagram filter to enhance it.

Instagram provides valuable insights tools to track your filter’s shares, views, and even captures. Use this to learn how your followers interact through your filter. Be sure to know what your filter is performing in the world of social media. This will give you an idea of the following steps to take be. Create your filter as a part of your overall effort to connect and interact with your viewers.

Your Instagram experience isn’t over. Instagram is continuously improving its user interface and is constantly introducing new tools and features for marketing. You can take advantage of the latest features and apply them to increase your sales and establish your brand. We live in a digital age. It is essential to provide the Instagram account the same importance as a brick-and-mortar shop. Your Instagram brand is an ever-growing and changing business. Instagram connects your company worldwide and makes it easily accessible to millions of users.

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