Hull Optimum Forex Trading Strategy

Markets that are trending are likely to be one of the most simple market conditions to trade. The trend direction is obvious so determining trade direction is also straightforward. When a trader is able to get this right, it implies that the probability that the trade would come with a profit of higher than 50 percent. This may not sound like too much, but take into consideration this: if you are aware of the trends, it is likely that you are more likely to be right than you’re wrong. Let’s assume that when you’re right, you earn 2x more than you are taking on. So, you’re making more than you’re losing. That seems like a great idea.

It is the Hull Optimum Forex Trading Strategy is one that allows traders to achieve an excellent win-rate and also have a favorable reward-risk ratio. This is due to it is a trend continuation strategy. Hull Optimum Forex Trading Strategy is a trend-continuing strategy. It is trades during an established trend to ensure traders are able to easily discern whether they should be buying or selling. The only issue is the time.

Forex Optimum review

AMA is the acronym for Adaptive Moving Average. This AMA Optimum customized indicator can be described as a modified average indicator that lets traders quickly identify the direction of the trend with the moving average. The smoothed feature of this particular moving average permits it to smoothly slide up or down in an environment that is trending. This reduces confusion over what the direction of the trend is or if the market is actually going in the right direction.

When markets are in a bullish state in bullish market conditions, an AMA Optimum tends to smoothly move upwards. In contrast in a bearish market state, it will also tend to smoothly slope downwards. This is even if the time frame utilized is an intermediate-term parameter.

BS Trend Indicator

It is the BS Trend Indicator stands for Buy Sell Indicator. It is a customized trend filter type indicator. It detects the direction of the trend and tells traders the direction of the trend by printing either a green bars or red bars. The green bar is for an ebullient market and Red bars work for markets that are in bearish conditions.

This feature lets traders discern trades that aren’t in line with the bigger view of the trend’s direction.

Hull Moving Average

It is the Hull Moving Average is a variation of a move average created in the late Alan Hull. This particular kind of average may be the most effective of two worlds. It’s a very flexible moving average that works well with trends that are short-term. In actual fact, it attempts to reduce the time delay. However, despite being responsive, it is able to smooth its movement.

Trading Strategy

This trend-following strategy lets traders get into the market, even if it is an established trend. This is done by means of the AMA The Optimum Indicator as well as the BS Trend Indicator.

It is the AM Optimum Indicator has a smoothed moving average that allows traders to identify the market that is trending by studying the slope of the moving average. In a market that is trending this AMA Indicator tends to gently slope either upwards or downwards depending according to the direction the trend is heading when in a turbulent market or a range bound one it seems to be more sloping. As a trader will have to decide on the slope of the moving average.

This BS Trend Indicator then confirms that this is the case by displaying its direction on the basis of the colors of the bars that are displayed on its display. In a market that is trending The BS Trend Indicator would typically be able to last for a long time bar color that is the same color , or with only a few occasions of detracting sequence of bars’ colors.

Choose markets that have clearly sloped AMA the Optimum line as well as a BS Trend Indicator window with one color dominating the majority parts of the screen.

The exact trigger for entry is determined by what is known as the Hull Moving Average. The smooth, yet extremely responsive characteristics that is the Hull Moving Average makes it an excellent indicator to utilize for an opening trigger. This particular variant that is the Hull Moving Average changes color when the moving average alters its slope. This color change could serve as the base for entry and exits.


  • i-AMA-Optimum
  • hull-moving-average
  • BSTrend

Duration: 1-hour, 4-hour and daily charts

Money Pairs Major and Minor Pairs

trading session: Tokyo, London and New York sessions

Buy (Long) Trade Setup


  • A Trend Indicator should be sloping smoothly upwards, which indicates that there is a bullish trend.
  • The BS Trend Indicator should be dominating by green bars and the current bar is green, indicating an confirmed bullish market situation
  • Let price see retracements in the short-term
  • Make a purchase immediately after you see the Hull Moving Average changes to green, signalling that there is a bullish trend reversal in the short-term.

Stop Loss

  • Place the stop loss at the level of support below the candle’s entry point.


  • Stop the trade at the time it is clear that the Hull Moving Average changes to violet, which indicates a bearish reversal in the short-term


Traders need a strategy to use for use in an established market trend. It is the Hull Optimum Forex Trading Strategy is one you can use in these conditions.

This strategy can be executed several times in a trending market. In the market during these small retracements, and leave the market when the short-term expansion phase closes. Then, let the price reverse and repeat. Be careful not to be in markets that appear overextended. It is evident when you notice the expansion phases becoming smaller and less. This implies that the momentum that drove the trend is beginning to fade away.

The main goal of the success of this method is being able to determine if the market is going in the right direction.


Forex Trading Strategies Installation Instructions

Hull Optimized Hull Optimum Forex Trading Strategy is a combination of Metatrader 4 (MT4) indicator(s) and template.

The basic idea behind this strategy to trade forex is to change the accumulation of historical data and signals for trading.

Hull Optimum Forex Trading Strategy offers an possibility to spot diverse patterns and anomalies in the dynamics of price that are not visible to the untrained eye.

Based on this data traders are able to predict future price movements and modify the strategy to suit.

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How do I install the Hull Optimum Forex trading strategy?

  • Download Hull Optimum Forex Trading
  • *Copy Ex4 and MQ4 documents to your Metatrader Directory experts / indicator /
  • Copy the tpl the file (Template) onto the Metatrader Directory / templates /
  • Begin or restart the Metatrader Client
  • Choose the Chart and Timeframe that you would like to test your forex strategy.
  • Right-click on your chart for trading and hover over “Template”
  • Right click to select Hull the optimal Forex Trading Strategy
  • You can see that the HullOptimumForex Trading Strategy is displayed on your Chart

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