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Presenting the only wedding-related event where the bachelor is in the center of attention – the bachelor party. By definition, the bachelor party celebrates the end of the groom’s single life and the beginning of a new, married life. As you already know, it usually involves an only male company, including the best man, groomsmen, close friends, and family members, but it can also include other people as well. When throwing such a party, it’s important to cover some essential parts such as the guest list, the location, the activities to be done, the food, drinks, and transportation. Whoever plans the party, may it be the best man or one of the groomsmen, or everybody together, the groom should be consulted, because there shouldn’t be anything on the list that makes him uncomfortable. After all, it is HIS bachelor party. Besides the technological changes and advances, the modern era and society have brought about changes in the way we celebrate bachelor parties – we have some great ideas so read on to learn more about them. If you’ve never thrown any kind of a party, take a look at some useful event planning tips from the experts to help you throw the perfect party.

1.   An active bachelor party weekend

There are plenty of good ways to celebrate a bachelor party. The choice you make should reflect the groom’s character and it should be something he enjoys doing. So, if the groom in question is a sportsman, why don’t you put together an active weekend-long bachelor party? You can travel someplace nearby and enjoy some (extreme) sports. For thrill-seeking grooms, there’s skydiving and bungee jumping. These two are considered heart-attack-inducing sports, so if you’re not in the mood for them, there are also other options such as zip-lining, paintball, laser tag, or hiking trips. You should keep in mind the weather for these outdoor activities and plan accordingly.

2.   A laid-back, casual bachelor party

As opposed to an active bachelor party that is sure to get your heart rate up, there’s also a possibility for a laid-back, casual bachelor party involving a brewery or a wine tour. This is something that even a person who doesn’t like beer or wine (if these people really do exist) can enjoy as they tend to be super fun. The aim of these tours is to expand your knowledge of these beverages and to teach you to appreciate different kinds of them while tasting them at the same time. These tours usually also include a meal at the end of a tour.

3.   A classical bachelor party

When we think bachelor party – a typical, traditional bachelor party, strippers and strip clubs come to mind. Some guys prefer to have this kind of traditional bachelor party that involves naked ladies, booze, and music. If the groom who is about to get married, prefers to have such a party, then throw it, by all means. However, since it is a tricky business, make sure that you consult him before organizing such a party to confirm that he is up for it. Have in mind that you don’t have to visit a local strip club, you can go to some other town. Or you can hire a stripper to come to your party’s location. Some grooms even have permission from their future wives to visit a brothel, so if that’s the case, make sure to only visit a safe and professional one.

4.   A fishing bachelor party

Some guys are really into fishing. If you are aware of the fact that the groom enjoys fishing and such trips very much, then you should consider throwing such a party for him. It is definitely one of the greatest experiences a guy can get. You can organize a bachelor party that lasts the whole weekend and you can travel to a lake or an ocean nearby. These popular fishing spots usually offer the possibility to hire a charter boat, so you could go off the coast and fish. This idea is plausible even if the majority of groomsmen aren’t fishermen, as it is quite easy to catch on fishing. Even in wintertime, you can plan an ice fishing trip, which is a truly unique experience.

5.   An adventurous bachelor party

Another awesome bachelor party idea – a road trip! For this kind of adventure, you could rent an RV, perhaps even a driver, load up on snacks and booze, turn up the music, and hit the road. It will definitely feel like Hangover, hopefully without the mishaps. You can make some stops in some restaurants along the way and taste local food.

6.   A camping trip

If you have never spent a weekend with your friends somewhere in the woods, then this might be the perfect opportunity to do just that. This experience cannot measure up to any other experience. Gather the crew, make some arrangements, buy everything you need and start your camping trip. You can rent a cabin in the woods or even sleep in tents. Remember to come up with some manly activities to keep yourselves entertained. For instance, you can go hunting, fishing, or four-wheeling through the scenery.

7.   Golfing

An example of a totally relaxing bachelor party would surely include a golfing trip. If this is something the groom has wanted for some time now, think about making it come true for him – he’ll definitely appreciate it.

There are tons of awesome ideas for throwing an unforgettable bachelor party, these are just some to get your brain juices flowing. When organizing this kind of party, it’s important to be creative and always keep the groom in mind.

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