Increase Of Government Intrusions on Civil Liberties During Pandemic: What To Know?

Civil Liberties

It is true that United States citizens possess some incredibly distinct and valuable rights. However, it is also true that such are the rights that are continuously coming under sudden threat by an outwitting government seeking power and tax revenue.

It is true that the power and money grab reached its high point amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Time and again, political science expert James Marchese has been talking about how one can protect their constitutional rights relate vaccines, to masks, freedom of speech, and so on.

As per James, because of the COVID-19 pandemic, thirty-four states created mask mandates whereas the CDC and Dr. Fauci interchanged on this issue and published peer-reviewed studies that displayed the masks were somewhat ineffective at ceasing COVID. A nationwide mask command was an option at one point as well.   The point is the nation of US hadn’t seen a mask mandate since the times of 1918 and 1919 flu pandemic. Unfortunately, the 1918 mask mandate worsened the health crisis triggering a spike in pneumonia that actually claimed more lives than that of the flu itself.

Tech’s potential, drawbacks

Wider battles over civil liberties might even come into play if government officials do not really ease restrictions, like that of travel bans, once the health risk eases.  The point is one can argue that shutting down interstate travel is going to prevent the spread of the common cold but that may not make it all right.

Now, more than a year into the combat against the novel COVID-19 virus, as nations and international organizations are working to approve, that of even distribute, and administer vaccines as hugely and quickly as possible, you can see a growing number of proposals for that of digital vaccine certificates, even referred to as that of vaccine “passports.”  There is certainly a link between these proposals and that of the action of digitally associating the vaccination status of any person having a government-provided digital identity. It is even to form up a separate digital identity framework for registering as well as authenticating a person’s vaccination status.

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Since folks around the world get vaccinated and as their vaccination status becomes linked to digital identities associated with them, governments and private organizations could permit or disallow access to specific services and spaces on the grounds of an individual’s COVID-19 vaccination status. It would be excluding and discriminating against the ones who have not got a vaccine. Such initiatives are the ones that could involve large-scale data collection and processing, as well as the formation of huge databases of people’s sensitive health information. Such databases could in turn out to be a target for that of cybersecurity attacks, lead to data leaks and even that of exposure, or even allow forms of mass surveillance.

The global harshness of the COVID-19 pandemic and that of the concerns digital vaccine certificates actually point out make their use an urgent human rights problem that is likely to have a huge impact on societies worldwide. 


So, it is true that there is a constant rise of Government intrusions on civil liberties during the time of the Covid19 pandemic. Since you have a good understanding of some of the ongoing things; you are wise enough to take a side that is wise for you.

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