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When you are expecting a baby and you start to design and decorate the nursery this can be a very exciting time. Preparing a special room for your child is a big deal. Choosing colours for the walls, putting up the crib, choosing beautiful bedding such as you can find at Halcyon Nights. There are lots of different details and touches you can add to the room to make it somewhere wonderful for the new baby to sleep, and where you can change them and care for them. Here are some of those things to consider.

What colour to put on the walls

While some parents like to go with gender colours, a lot choose not to know the gender of the baby, and even if they do know, prefer something more neutral for the nursery. Popular colours are creams, pale coffee or caramel, soft greys or yellows. Neutral colours have been shown to help babies fall to sleep better too. While toddlers love bright colours with newborns it overwhelms them. You can then choose soft toys, bedding from Kiin baby and other features to team with these colours.

Think about whether you want to have a theme

A nursery with a theme is something a lot of parents like but it is not something you have to do. Some common themes are underwater, jungle, vehicles, or you can choose popular TV shows or children’s books or movies for inspiration. You can still have a more neutral wall colour but use the bedding from somewhere like Halcyon Nights, curtains, soft toys, lamps, rug and so on to add to your theme.

Furniture options

When you have chosen the colours of the room and whether you are having a theme or not you can then consider the size of the room and what the best options are for furniture. If it is a larger nursery you can get a chest of drawers, a changing table, a wardrobe even. If it is a smaller room then you might want to look into contacting a carpenter and have theme design something fitted to the space you have. It is easy to think that since this is a small being it cannot possibly need that much space but this is not the case at all! In fact, babies have a surprising amount of clothing and other things. They wear multiple outfits a day thanks to spit-up, puke, nappy accidents and so on. You will want plenty of places to put not just their clothes but their toys, books and so on. Think about clever places for shelving, toy chests, and such.


The most essential thing to keep in mind when you plan and decorate your nursery is that it does not have to be perfect! Your baby will grow quickly and before long you will want to re-decorate or move them to a big kid’s bedroom. Kiin baby and other such brands offer quality bedding and decorating opportunities.

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