Is it hard to learn Arabic?

Is it hard to learn Arabic?

Is it hard to learn Arabic?

The Arabic language is fascinating, but it depends on how you talk. If you are new in the field of learning languages or you have just started to learn the language, this question is definite to ask. Among so many people who try to learn the Arabic language fails as they don’t decide the form and function of alphabets. The Arabic language is known as one of the difficult languages to learn. But not as difficult as you can not learn. People who are native speakers of the English language can face difficulty in learning the Arabic language. Egyptian Arabic language is the most spoken and popular language. So many people learn only this form of Arabic language as this is most spoken, which helps in communication while traveling from your country to an Arabic country. Egyptian Arabic language is more lenient than the traditional Arabic language.

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Standard Arabic or Egyptian Arabic

First of all, let’s clarify that the Egyptian Arabic language is easier than the standard Arabic language. These two types of languages are not nearly the same. Standard Arabic is known as a formal language, while on the other hand, Egyptian Arabic is not so formal. Standard Arabic is similar to original Arabic as this was the language spoken during the life of Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H). Now in the times, there are 30 dialects of the Arabic language used in the world.

Is learning Arabic hard?

As we enter a new class, we feel that now the studies will be harder but as you better understand the importance and learning method you get very comfortable with it. The same goes with the learning of languages. As you are interested in a language, you will first know that it will be hard for you to learn it. But when you get started with the learning process, it is not that hard. Similarly, the Arabic language is not hard to learn. You just have to start from the bottom and avoid shortcuts to your learning process. This trick will make you better in the process, and finally, you will be able to see the results when you can speak the language fluently in your life.

The decision of learning and choosing the right form

If you are willing and interested in learning the Arabic language, then nothing can come in your way to get you back. Motivation, stamina and patience are everything you want to learn anything. What matters a lot is the decision you make. You should know that there are almost 30 dialects of Arabic. Of course, you can not learn all of them, and for this, you have to know which dialect is more widely spoken and can be useful for you. Once you have made that decision and you have chosen the right form, nothing can keep you away from your way. You can easily learn the Arabic language, and it will not be a hustle for you.

Practice of work 

As we all know, whatever we try to do and achieve, we all require a lot of hard work and dedication for it. While learning a language, you have to do the same you can not just learn it and leave. If you are not going to practice it and implant it in your daily life, there is no way that you will be able to speak that language fluently without any problem. Try to speak something you are weak in that will help you with better learning and better pronunciation. Practising the language that you are learning is the only way to master that language. Especially while learning Arabic, try to focus more has this language depends more on how you take this and talk.


Deciding to learn a new language is very much beneficial and good. But you have to face the initial difficulties, and you will feel that it is hard to learn the Arabic language. However, you have to search about the learning system and then move forward. Your decision can help you a lot in this journey as you will choose the right form and then practice that it will enhance your talking accent in the Arabic language. Trying out all the above tips will make learning the Arabic language easier, and it will not be hard for you.

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