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Many people today when they decide that they want a new home will contact a company that offers residential construction in LBI.  This type of construction is the renovation, manufacturing, or assembling of homes, whether they are single or multiple-family dwellings.  Today it seems that home design is getting more personal and showing their individuality with the designs.  They are going from a place that is just a home to one that shows friends and family just who they are with their individual tastes. 

When some want to use some of the newer trends, they will turn to custom home builders in LBI to help them create that special home.  Some of the latest in construction trends include:

  • Patterned hardwoods—instead of going with the traditional hardwood floors that can be oak, maple, etc., people are opting to go with Old World Craftsmanship. What this means is that they are choosing flooring that has patterns, inlays, or two-tone inlays.  Some are even choosing the lighter hardwood flooring instead of the traditional dark hardwood in some or all rooms in their home.
  • Building elements that are curvier—when you add curves to your floorplans for the inside or outside of the home the company that is doing the residential construction in LBI can give the place the element of surprise. The curves will help to battle the straight-line syndrome.  These designs can in clue arched doorways and openings, curvy stairways, arched doors and windows on the outside, curved walkways, and more.
  • Black highlights—in addition to these types of highlights, rooms in homes today are using more warm tones and subtle colors both inside and out. They are getting away from the standard wood or white doors and window frames, choosing to highlight them with black.  They are also using black highlights in the décor.
  • Kitchens are more colorful—gone are the days of the white kitchen with white appliances, white countertops, cabinets, and flooring. Today homeowners are adding color to their kitchens, such as more natural wood or painted cabinets, walls in neutral or warm colors, marble, granite, or colored countertops.  They are even getting away from the linoleum flooring and going with hardwoods or colorful times.

There are some that have chosen to have their custom home builders in LBI go the maximalism way.  This is more of a design style or aesthetic design that can help make the house feel more like home.  This can include painting your walls in bright colors with lots of artwork.  There will also be many plants.  This design is good for small spaces such as a den, office, etc.  The ones that are choosing this type of design are the younger generations that are just starting out as homeowners.


As you can see from this article, when building your new home, you do not have to stay with a traditional build, but you can add different designs and elements to make it fit your personality and individuality.  You can make it what you want.

Bio – Since 1977, BACORP Building Group, Inc has created outstanding custom commercial buildings and residential dream homes thanks to our 85 years of combined experience.  For residential properties, each design is presented in floor plans, interior and exterior perspective views, which will even include a “virtual walk thru” utilizing our architectural software and a big screen television. An invaluable education as well as, being a “lot of fun” as described by our prior clients.  BACORP also does commercial building.  BACORP Building Group, Inc and its principals have conceptualized, designed, and built over $270 million dollars in residential, commercial, and industrial ratables over the past 30 years in Ocean and Monmouth Counties.  In all our work, we are a design and build team whose objective is to work with serious clients to extract specific information regarding their criteria such as lifestyle and overall project needs to provide the client with one or more energy-efficient design solutions which work within their budget.

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