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How to learn Tajweed

How to learn Tajweed

When you are planning to learn the Quran, tajweed is the most important thing to know. If you are not learning the tajweed, you can not understand the Quean properly, as tajweed is the primary term for learning the Quran. It is about words, grammar, and pronunciation. If you have learned tajweed, it will be easy for you to read the Quran with all the basic to top notes. It can be challenging to learn tajweed as it is entirely new to our English grammar, but it is not shocking. It would take some time for you to understand and practice it in your daily life, but at last, you will learn it properly. There are a few tips that you can follow to know tajweed, as the information will make your way more accessible.

Hire a professional instructor 

When we plan to learn the Quran and Tajweed, we hire a tutor to guide us to read and pronounce. Similarly, hiring a teacher to teach you about the tajweed is also helpful as the teacher will teach you about the sounds of letters, accurate pronunciation, and techniques to read. An instructor helps us motivate us to learn with more interest. A professional instructor knows how to handle the student and make slow progress in learning. However, if you cannot hire a teacher, you can also learn the tajweed online.

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Focus on letters

As Arabic is a different language, it is hard to learn Arabic so fast. So starting from the Arabic letters makes it a lot easier to understand, as you will know what alphabet has what kind of sound. So if you want to learn tajweed, you have to focus on the letters of the language. To move forward with the learning, you have to flex your tongue and pronounce the word accurately. There are so many verses in the Quran that are required to be read accurately. So it is essential to focus on the letters.

Learn slowly

It is essential to focus on things rather than just going on so fast. When you start to learn the tajweed, you must go slow with the process. Understand everything with total concentration and have a complete grip on it. If you plan to learn super fast and proceed further, then it is not suitable. As for the time being, you will know that thing, but it would not be appropriate for the long run. So learn the tajweed slowly and understand everything.

Recitation of the Quran

As we are learning the tajweed to learn and read the Quran correctly. So it is essential to recite the Quran daily; by this, you will be able to know where you are making mistakes and where you are working better. It will make you clear where you have to improve and work more. So daily recitation of the Quran helps a lot.

Mistakes will teach you to be better.

Don’t worry if you are making mistakes in your learning process; as you are making, you will know that you can work harder and accomplish your goal. Mistakes will teach you better and help you out to make improvements in your learning. So don’t get afraid and quit thinking that you can not make it but continue to try.

Do not lose hope

If you have some problems while learning, you cannot correct your mistakes, and you feel confused. Do not lose hope; you can take a break from learning and then start again. You will be starting from a fresh mind, and this will help you improve more, and you will finally make it.


Learning tajweed can be challenging for so many people as we will be learning about the basics and the grammar of the Arabic language. But do not lose hope as it is essential to learn tajweed to memorize and recite every word and verse of the Quran accurately. Keep the learning process slow and make sure to understand every concept.

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