List of Free Email you will Get Without Phone Number Verification

Emails are one of the most used platforms by the users to connect with each other and they are also used for professional as well as for personal use by the users but nowadays privacy has become the major concern of people that is why they are looking for free email sign up without phone number so that they do not need to provide the websites and the email services with the phone number or their private numbers. 

And because of this growing concern of privacy and security today in this blog we have bought some of the email services which you can use even without the need of phone number as you do not have to fill up your phone number for the same so that and this way you can use any email without even the use of phone number. 

List of email services which do not need phone number to access it and to use it – 


The is the first email service which the users can use when they want to access email services without providing their phone number so that the users can use them. The entire process to register for this email is too easy and it not only takes 2 to three minutes but is a secure process too. The users will get an excessive storage of 65 GB in which the users can attach files up to 30 MB and the servers of the email are fast, quick and reliable too.

  1. Tutanota 

Another free email without phone number verification is Tutanota which will provide you a good storage which you will need. The email service does not have any annoying advertisements and it offers amazing services to its users like it offers a policy of no logs for enhanced privacy and along with this it also provides premium plans which are relatively expensive with others. The email service is compatible with many devices which you want and will also be available to you on iOS, android as well as on desktop too. 

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  1. Proton mail 

It is also one of the most popular email services the users will get when they are trying to look for a free email service that too without even asking for the phone number of the users. This email services was initially made in Switzerland and has the storage of 500 MB for the users along with this it also provides 150 emails per day to the users so that they can use them. It is an open and free source and also sends password protected emails if you want to send them this way. And not only is this but the best feature of this mail service is that it has an ability by which it can self destruct the emails which have expired after a certain time of period. 

  1. Templn box 

This email service is also an email service which provides email without phone number which the users will surely love and will have no issue in using them. The process to create email on this email service is also relatively quick and will also available for any person who wants to create a mail on it and the features of this mail service is attractive as well and has the most alluring feature which the users want which is it creates an email without even asking for any phone number.

We hope that the email addresses which we have provided you were beneficial for you and you gained the most out of it and you also got an email service for you among them. 

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