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Here are things to consider when you are creating your own graphic t-shirts!

Make people take another look!

If you want people to take another look at what graphic tshirt printing you have chosen, one of the things you can do is confuse them. Maybe it is something silly in the image or something hard to decipher with a first glance, but still interesting or silly enough to make people look again to work it out! You could have writing that starts big and then gets smaller so they have to take a closer look to work it out. Or maybe the point of the shirt is to not make sense.

Make the shirt retro

You could go back in time to a popular era. Right now that would be the 80s, but the 70s are popular too. Use colour schemes that come from that era, use graphics and styles that reflect that era. Consider music stars who were big and have a retro shirt designed around them.

Make a call for people’s attention

Whatever you want them to see or do you could directly speak to them with the lettering. Hey you, reading my shirt? Or you could have an arrow pointing to your message or image to express what you want to say. This tshirt printing is a way to really engage the attention of others, and you might even call them to take action on something. Save the whales!

Go with something very simple to stand out

Sometimes the best way to stand out it to go for something very simple for your graphic tshirt printing. It is a good way to send a message as there is nothing complicated about them. If you make it vague as well that can draw interest as people try to figure it out.

Be different

There are a lot of people walking around wearing t-shirts with graphics on them. In order to stand out with what you have on yours, you need to do something most people are not. Take a look at what is popular in outer countries and see if something inspires you. Show something shocking like a unicorn with a bloody horn. Make it silly or some kind of pun or something people have to work out. For example an image of two lemons carrying another half lemon on a stretcher is a fun play on the drink ‘lemon-aid’. You can make it clever, ironic, policatical, whatever you want.

Make it personal

It is easy to design a t-shirt that has a graphic on it that makes fun of other people or things. But how about using tshirt printing to create something that ridicules yourself? It shows you have a sense of humour and you can make others laugh or smile as they go about their daily lives.


There are a lot of ideas and ways you can make your t-shirts stand out. Just let your imagination run wild!

Bio – PrinteeSG was previously known as Tough Men Apparels. The company started off as a shirt printing company. The owners left their corporate lifestyle to pursue their dream of having affordable and quality sportswear available to the mass public. Starting out in 2014 as a home based business, PrinteeSG has expanded rapidly within the past years to become a leading company in terms of customised sportswear and affordable tshirt printing in Singapore.

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