Massage and Acupuncture—How They can Help

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Massage and acupuncture in Brick are two methods that people can use to help with various types of pain relief.  The question is, which should you use for your type of pain relief? 


Massage, also known as massage therapy, is the manipulation of the soft tissues of your body by a certified, trained massage therapist.  The soft tissues include connective tissue, muscles, tendons, skin, and ligaments.  The therapist will use different degrees of movement and pressure to help relieve the pain.  Massage can not only help with pain relief but can also increase relaxation, reduce stress, lessen muscle tension, and improve the function of your immune system. 


This medical practice will center around the stimulation of certain points in your body. The ultimate goal is to give you relief from pain.  Acupuncture is generally done with a needle, and for some, this can be scary and bit intimidating.  It is a highly effective way to deal with pain and find relief. 

Now that you know about each treatment, which is better, massage in Brick or acupuncture to help with pain relief.  In some alternative treatment facilities, you will find both of these treatments.  Let’s look at how they can help

When you are experiencing severe, chronic pain, it is probably best that you explore acupuncture first as a treatment.  Massage therapy is more for temporary pain relief.  It is a short-term solution.  Acupuncture is a more involved treatment for pain relief and is aimed at trying to reconfigure how your nerves feel pain.  Generally speaking, acupuncture in Brick should be the first treatment considered for this type of pain.

With massage, it is often seen as more of temporary treatment.  Yes, there is long-term massage therapy, but most will use this treatment to help with relaxation, anxiety relief, and sometimes it is used to help nurse your body back to health after you have an intense injury.  Some do not even see massage therapy as a credible treatment medically for anything other than soreness and bruising.   If you are an athlete or someone that has suffered soreness or injury, you should try massage therapy.

Acupuncture is a known treatment also for treatment side effects, such as side effects that you may suffer if you have to do chemotherapy and headaches.  It is also an effective treatment for over one hundred conditions and illnesses that cover different areas of your body.

Massage in Brick is mostly effective in injuries that are muscle related.  It addresses the milder type of pain that originates from the muscles, unlike acupuncture, which helps with severe pain that is stemming from your nerves. 


If you are suffering from pain and unsure whether to choose acupuncture or massage therapy for your pain, talk to your physician to see what they recommend.  Also, consider if you want relief that is temporary or long-lasting.  If you are not sure, then talk to your physician to see what they recommend.  Either one you choose can help with relieving pain.

This article is not intended for diagnostic purposes.

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