All You Need to Know About Medicinal Plant Growing Business

All You Need to Know About Medicinal Plant Growing Business

As people tend to lead an utterly hectic cosmopolitan life, settling down and opting to start your private business might be the solution for everything. Amongst numerous business options to consider in Australia, growing medicinal plants might be the most profitable and successful (not to mention healthier) endeavor in the future. By learning how to grow medicinal herbs you would benefit in many other aspects, including improving your health and relieving yourself from stress, etc. If you are still in doubt whether and which medicinal plants to choose and grow, here is a thorough guide that should help you out.

Find an adequate field site

Before your start planting and expanding your medicinal plant growing business, you need to determine where to plant. The most lucrative thing would be to have your land or garden suitable for organic planting. If not, you would need to find suitable land for rent. The site should have perfect water drainage and good air movement, plus it must have a loamy, fertile, and soil high in organic matters. Makes sure that you can easily access the site from all sides with the equipment for planting, harvest, and weed control.

Determine which medicinal plant to grow

When settlers arrived in Australia they discovered that Aboriginals have already grown various plants used for medicinal properties. But the colonials have also brought their ancient natural remedies and found out that the soil is adaptable for planting. There are a lot of medicinal herbs that you can grow in Australia and know they’ll thrive. However, it’s your choice which herbs you want to grow, but you should look into all profitable and medicinal characteristics plants possess. Here are some of the most popular medicinal plants:

Ø  Lavender: This gorgeous Mediterranean medicinal plant has a lot of health-related properties. Lavender oil has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties that help heal burns and insect bites. The beautifully fragrant lavender is used for many skincare products, also it promotes relaxation, and reduces anxiety. For a profitable plant growing business, lavender needs to have well-drained soil with around pH 7. It grows fast, it’s easy to maintain, and it does best with almost no fertilizer.

Ø  Cannabis: Though there are still some doubts and restrictions, cannabis is a fantastic medicinal plant that brings an abundance of benefits both for the farmer and end-user. Growing cannabis is utterly profitable in the first place as the return of your initial investments is expected after one year. Cannabis lowers blood pressure, reduces inflammation, treats various anxiety disorders, and has many other medicinal benefits. Make sure that you buy quality seeds, hence all Australians looking to buy cannabis seeds should check out Cannabis Growing Australia to inform themselves of the best seeds, laws, and growing processes.

Ø  Kangaroo apple: This amazing native bush shrub has been known to treat achy joints, encourage skin rejuvenation on scarring and pigmentation. You could have great financial benefits by growing this medicinal plan as it requires sandy, loamy, or clay-laden soil.

Ø  Chamomile: The most popular and effective medicinal herb that grows fast is chamomile. It has many medicinal benefits like being a soothing, digestive, and sleeping aid. The growing process is simple and fast.

Planting and growing

Seeds require special conditions and care when planting, so make sure that you get acquainted with the seeding process. Mechanized planting is a smarter option than manual as it’s cost-effective and not time-consuming. Water your plants only when they need it, usually once a day. Go for organic composting and use adequate mulch to ensure the safe and healthy growth of your medicinal plants. Even if the starting investment might be costly, with organic and all-natural compost, mulch, fertilizers, and other amenities, selling organic and quality products will be utterly profitable for the business.

Putting the plants on the market

Selling your medicinal plants might be the most challenging task. You can sell them directly on a farmer’s market, roadside stands, or directly from your home in the beginning. Get informed about the local laws and make sure you have the all papers required for selling and distributing medicinal plants. Probably you would need a license from a local health department. Depending on the plant you decide to grow, you can make soaps, balms, creams, tea, and various other ready-made products. You want to attract customers and keep them coming back to you, so always strive to advertise and be creative to keep your business flowing in the competitive market. Expect profits after two years after planting your first seed.

In the end, get business insurance, define your brand and make it recognizable. Plant, grow, promote your business, and you will surely have a good turnover.

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