Missing Teeth Should We Replace Them?

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Having missing or missing teeth is a reality for many patients and it is important to have accurate information before making a decision.

One of the most frequent consultations of patients in a dental Plano clinic is related to missing or missing teeth and their replacement. One of the most frequently asked questions is knowing if it is necessary to replace lost teeth, and how it is more convenient to replace them.

Teeth can be lost due to caries, diseases of the support system (bone and gum), trauma, etc. Although preserving teeth is always a priority, sometimes it is not feasible to keep them in the mouth. That is when we find the absence of one or more teeth. This circumstance can affect the efficiency when chewing, swallowing and even pronouncing some words. In addition, depending on where the missing tooth is located, it can directly affect aesthetics.

How can miss or missing teeth be replaced?

Missing or missing teeth can be replaced with prosthetics. These can be removable, that is, the patient must remove them to clean them and put them back, or fixed. Fixed prostheses, as their name indicates, cannot be removed at home and must be cared for in a similar way to a natural tooth. Depending on the type of prosthesis, a single tooth, several or even a complete dental Plano arch can be rehabilitated.

Prostheses can be made of different materials and are designed according to the needs and health status of each patient. When we go to a dental Plano clinic to restore a much deteriorated tooth or replace a missing tooth or several, the dentist will carry out a series of important processes.

In the first place, he will speak with the patient and perform a complete intra and extra oral exploration to have all the necessary information. He will carry out complementary tests, such as photographs and x-rays. He will also take wax casts of both arches and bites. Later, he will study these records in specialized devices and in a second session he will explain the different treatment options.

Is it important or necessary to replace missing teeth?

It is important and necessary to replace the teeth that we have lost, since not replacing them can alter the natural balance of our chewing system.

 How can this alteration of the masticator system affect us?

The loss of a tooth affects many elements at different levels. One of the objectives of all dental Plano prosthetics is to restore function and aesthetics without causing alterations. Both fixed and removable dental Plano prostheses will help us restore function, phonetics, chewing and aesthetics.

How is a fixed or removable prosthesis different?

With removable prostheses we replace all the teeth in the mouth or just part of them. The removable prostheses made in our dental Plano clinic are made with hypoallergenic materials.

Fixed prostheses are restorations that the patient cannot remove himself. They are attached by means of cements, attachments or screws to the previously prepared natural teeth or on dental Plano implants.

Fixed dental Plano prostheses are perfect for restoring the aesthetics and function of one or more natural teeth, or implants.

What is a crown?

A dental Plano crown is a cover that is placed on a damaged tooth to replace the visible part of the piece. Crowns provide the natural aesthetics of the teeth as well as their function. The materials we use are aesthetic and biocompatible. This must be the case so that the prostheses imitate natural teeth as much as possible, integrating with the rest of the mouth without causing alterations.

This type of prosthesis gives us back the correct anatomy, structure and coloration of the teeth. These prostheses can be completely ceramic, although sometimes we need a metal core. We can restore aesthetics to fractured teeth due to trauma; replace lost pieces through bridges (several crowns joined) or with prosthetics on implants.

Is there another type of prosthesis or can only the teeth are replaced?

In our dental Plano clinic we also perform maxillofacial prosthetics. These replace lost structures, including auricular, nasal and orbitofacial prostheses, made with medium-grade silicones of the color of the patients’ skin. With maxillofacial prostheses we can improve the quality of life of patients who have some missing structure. These prostheses can help their wearers psychologically to reintegrate into society.

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