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When planning a change in decor in your home one of the things to think about is whether that will include a change in what you have in your windows. A lot of people stick with curtains because that is what they grew up with but there are a lot of options in different window treatments and one popular type is blinds. Blinds are becoming more popular because they can be bright or neutral, add interest, control light and privacy but are also easier to look after. Whether you want blockout blinds for a nursery, bedroom or TV room, or honeycomb blinds to take advantage of their insulation quality, there are different types depending on what you are looking for.


Horizontal blinds allow you to have a decent amount of control over how much light enters the room by adjusting how open or closed the slats are. You can also get some with more slats and some with less. The ones with more slats let in less light than the other kind. If you are looking for something that closes very tightly so you have even more privacy look at horizontal blinds that have cord holes that are beyond the slats. You can use them in traditional and rustic home types as well as more modern ones.


These are great when you are looking for blinds that offer great insulation both thermal and sound. The shape of the cells is what creates that kind of control over light, sound and heat. Honeycomb blinds come in different styles, different layers and different looks. You can get blinds that are vertical or horizontal and they are lightweight too. You can have them stand out as a feature of the room or be something more neutral depending on the room’s theme and your preference.


These are very popular blinds and have been around for many years most often used in bathrooms and kitchens but they can be used elsewhere too. They consist of horizontal slats that attach to each other above each other with strips of cloth or string or cord. They can rotate almost 180 degrees and you can let in as much or as little light as you need. You can find them in metal, plastic and wood.


When you are looking for a window covering that is effective at completely blocking out the light, you need some type of blockout blinds. Maybe you need a good night’s sleep and the street light outside is preventing that, or you work shift work so need to sleep in the day, or you have children that need naps or senior relatives that need naps, or you need naps! Maybe you have a theatre room where you watch movies. Whatever the reason blockout window treatments are a great way to stop all unwanted light. They are also good at insulating the room, keeping the heat in during the winter and the air conditioning cool air in during the summer.

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