How to Move a Website from VPS to Dedicated Server?

Move a Website from VPS to Dedicated Server

Choosing a perfect hosting type is often one of the greatest struggles for website owners. It is specifically difficult and tricky when they lack the technical know-how. By looking at the features of every other hosting type, they think it is perfect for them. However, they only come to know the pitfalls when they use and check it.

It does not mean there is essentially something wrong with the hosting type, but it can be due to an issue with the service provider or generally due to the suitability of your website. VPS hosting and dedicated server hosting are both quite popular and effective options; still, many website owners look for ways to migrate their site from VPS to the dedicated server.

If you are unsure about how you can move a website from VPS to dedicated server, keep reading into this article, and you will learn the process in detail.

Top 7 Steps to Migrate Website from VPS to Dedicated Server

Move a Website from VPS to Dedicated Server

Migrating a website from a virtual private server to a dedicated server is not a difficult process. However, there is always a risk of data loss during migration, so you must be very careful in terms of avoiding little mistakes that can cause huge issues. Sticking to the basic steps can help you ensure that.

Here are the major steps you can follow to migrate your websites from VPS to dedicated servers.

1. Find a Suitable Dedicated Server

The first step you need to follow to migrate your website from VPS to dedicated server is finding a suitable plan for dedicated hosting. You cannot quit a plan before finding and migrating your website to the new server, as you will lose your data by doing so. Most people consult dedicated server Dubai service providers to get consultation and support and ensure a smooth migration.

2. Create Backup of Database

Once you have found and finalized a perfect dedicated hosting plan, it is now time to start preparing for the move. The migration of a website from one server to the other can face numerous challenges and risks, which can make you lose your data. So, you must create a backup of your database before migrating the website to the new server. By doing so, you will never lose your important data due to any issue.

3. Avoid Cancelling VPS Plan

If you think that you have finalized the new dedicated server and have created the backup of your database and other essentials so you can cancel the VPS plan, you are wrong. Do not commit the mistake of canceling your previous plan until and unless you have migrated your website to the new host and ensured its smooth and efficient functioning.

4. Avoid Changes during Migration Process

Another important step you need to follow to ensure a smooth website move from VPS to dedicated server is avoiding any changes during the process. Even if it is any program update, change in content, or minimal changes in the website, do not attempt anything during the migration process. There can be data loss during migration, and you may not have a backup of changes, so it is safe to attempt them only after migrating the site.

5. Install Software before Database

Another important step you must never forget to ensure a smooth migration from VPS to dedicated server is installing the software before the database. If you do not want to attract unnecessary hassle and issues, you must migrate and install the website software first, followed by the database. You can lose data or face other challenges by ignoring the order.

6. Transfer Emails

Another significant step in the process of moving a website from VPS to dedicated derver is transferring the emails. Make sure you have moved the emails accounts to the new host and updated your domain name system, so all your emails get delivered to the new domain and do not get bounced.

7. Test Applications and Cancel VPS

The last in the process of moving a website from VPS to dedicated server is testing the applications, website, and other little details. Once you have ensured that everything is working fine and efficiently, it is time to cancel the VPS plan. However, if you are too nervous to handle migration on your own, you can contact and let the experts migrate and host your website on dedicated servers without any issue.

Are you struggling to migrate your website?

If you lack the technical knowledge and expertise, you are susceptible to making errors and mistakes; therefore, you should not try your hands on it. Get in touch with the professional hosting providers to get a suitable plan and let the experts take care of the migration for you too and enjoy the new service.

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