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online Chemist warehouse in Sydney

Every week, over a million clients shop at Online Chemist Warehouse Sydney. They choose from over 20,000 goods and spend $5.5 billion over the company’s 500 franchisee network. It’s a major company with a significant influence and helping so many customers out there.

While there was a minor decrease in traffic during a pandemic, the organization’s operations did not alter much. It even managed to stick to its cloud-centric digital transformation plan.

The firm, which has historically used on-premises Microsoft Dynamics AX, is now undergoing a business transformation. Their main focus is on improving client experiences and supporting its growth. International expansion goals and embracing the cloud are also the prime focus.

When the epidemic hit, many business workers began working from home. Chemist Warehouse’s chief information (CI) officer Jules Cardinale questioned the halting of shift.

It turned out that it wasn’t because individuals connected and worked together. Microsoft Teams will help keep the transition pace.

“The Teams platform has maintained the projects on pace,” Cardinale says. We’re probably just a week or two, far from where we’d have been if things had gone differently. In terms of change management, it’s been fairly straightforward.”

Dynamics 365

Chemist Warehouse needs the quickness of an internationally supported cloud-based infrastructure to enable its worldwide development. Therefore the steady advancement is critical and important too.

Data can be transferred across borders. Pharmacy of every country dispensing systems could be incorporated to comply with local laws.

Dynamics 365 also handles all of the company’s B2B transactions. It optimizes supply chain operations and handles Chemist Warehouse’s corporate invoicing. The personal billing of each franchisee is based on what was bought and what will be bought.

Dynamics 365 mixes with all of the company’s other serious retail pharmacy systems. It includes a provision, point of sale, and Chemist Warehouse’s proprietary Clinical Care Engine.

The most convincing argument for using the Dynamics 365 platform is the opportunity to offer value. Scalability and quickness are our songs, and they’re the two things we keep in mind in all we do. It’s truly about providing the client with a better experience and services.

Customer satisfaction

The move to the cloud & the implementation of Dynamics 365 is critical to the company’s development and growth objectives. “The last thing I want to do when I enter a new region is buying hardware, put up servers, and deliver services that way.” “I can simply consume them,” Cardinale adds.

This allows his team to concentrate on value-added innovation. This includes creating apps using Microsoft’s low-code to no-code Power Applications platform, allowing businesses to create their apps. Chemist Warehouse’s first emphasis will be on Power Apps, which are aimed to provide a new level of customer care and wellness.

Cardinale and his colleagues created the Chemist Warehouse Clinical Care Engine, which intends to offer customers useful health information. The technology examines what is in a client’s basket and indicates possible dangers for the consumer, such as drug interactions or contraindications between various drugs or items.

A consumer could, for example, have an item in their basket that is known to trigger stomach troubles and an item that will help them feel better. The Clinical Care Engine may alert the pharmacy to these instances of ‘polypharmacy.’ A consumer purchases a medication to treat a problem caused by another product. With this knowledge, the pharmacist may advise the consumer on the best action.

Cardinale is currently looking at how Artificial Intelligence may be used with a customer’s unique data to deliver additional health and wellness insights.

Artificial Intelligence

Cardinale plans to mix more health services into the application. One of them is Helfie, a service that uses Artificial Intellegence to predict growth risk and is now seeking clearance from the Healing Goods Association. Customers of Chemist Warehouse would be able to submit a picture of a mole and obtain a suggestion from AI computer vision as to whether they should visit a doctor about it.

The warehouse will simplify delivery. It will allow Chemist Warehouse to extend its online customer service from click & collect to click & deliver. At the same time, ensuring a frictionless customer experience at the moment of purchase (either in-store or online).

According to Cardinale, this provides advantages for both customers and businesses.

“The guys do a great job with marketing.” They exchange the greatest possible costs, but it’s all about making the consumer experience as smooth as possible. So, if you wish to order something and have it delivered, that’s something we can achieve. We can take your order and deliver it to you. There are several alternatives available. All of them are reliable and affordable.

Cardinale thinks that the arrival of e-prescriptions will provide clients with yet another substantial benefit. As a result, enabling them to click and get their medicines rather than wait in line at the pharmacy.


Electronic prescriptions provide a new degree of flexibility. As a result, enabling patients to choose where and when they want their prescriptions filled and whether they want them picked up or delivered. The COVID-19 epidemic highlighted the benefit of this level of choice. Many individuals were unwilling or unable to go shopping. As a result, people opted for online shopping.

Customers who require medicine in short supply may benefit from the increased clearness. Because of the scanning of the whole network by the Chemist Warehouse. The location of the medicine’s inventories can be located for supplying.

“The next step is to move it around in a more unified manner. What omnichannel is all about is receiving or purchasing items or stuff from us in whichever manner you choose. The simplest option for you. We’re looking at click-&-collect, click-&-deliver, and a few other efforts.”

Online Chemist Warehouse Sydney  is coming stronger amid COVID because of its relationship with Microsoft and acceptance of cloud services. As a result, allowing it to provide customers and their employees with safe, secure, & suitable experiences on a worldwide scale.

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