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Why chooses this program?

This program is a flexible approach based on six core components: Values and Values Development, Expert Performance Modeling, Pattern Recognition Strategies and Strategic Abundance, Advanced Language Pattern Exploration and Advanced Sub modalities. Master Practitioner Training. This module focuses on developing powerful NLP and is designed for a variety of purposes, including coaching, therapy, education, business and organizational learning.

This course will review the creative potential of NLP for NLP practitioners, coaches, communicators, consultants, organizational consultants and business professionals who wish to use the latest, most advanced and powerful NLP If you are looking for a flexible way to use the tools, this course is for you.

1. The five-step modeling process

An effective modeling process comes from a thorough, multifaceted, and complex approach to gaining and passing on experience to others. This training program introduces you to the five-step modeling process and teaches you the basics of model selection for research and behavioral expertise. Interested participants can also attend this part of the Online NLP Master Training on their own. This training program combines course content with classroom practice.

Introduction to Modeling.

New behavior generator

The dynamics of expert work

Discovering excellence and human success

2.Trigger and Discovery Strategies

This component provides insight into the strategies used in everyday life. How can we identify motivational strategies, learning strategies, and decision-making strategies? What are the best habits and strategies you can adopt yourself and help your coaches adopt? In this section, you will learn how to conduct a comprehensive study of motivational structure, elements of effective decision-making, and effective learning strategies.

Introduction to Strategies

Launching effective strategies

Redesigning and developing new strategies

T.O.T.E. Strategy Model.



Metaprograms are unconscious perceptual filters. They structure our reality and influence our personality. This program covers the latest developments in this field. You will learn how to trigger metaprograms based on physiology and questioning. Use linguistic cues to use and incorporate specific responses. Learn how different filters interact with each other. Learn how to coach and promote change using metaprograms. Management applications are also included.

Running Metaprograms.

Building relationships and motivation

Evaluating metaprograms

Filtering behavioral patterns

3. Soliciting and exploring value systems

The central theme of this component is learning how to use key distinctions to model and design expert systems and explore values and value systems. Learning how to effectively elicit information and identify values, discover and use values and cultural filters, and key features of Claire Graves’ methods. Developing awareness and judgment to coach, manage, and creatively respond to individual value judgments.

Exploring Values.

Value Change Method.

Changing the value of value

Spin-off criteria.

4. Setting up the conversation.

This basic element relates to language and its structure. It teaches how to recognize inferences in conversation, recognize how limiting judgments are formed, and work with beliefs. It focuses on how spoken language can be used to discover and transform limiting beliefs and identify the various verbal messages that capture our processes. It is about words and the conscious use of questions to expand our horizons and create meaning that affirms our capacity for growth and joy.

Exploring Conclusions and Beliefs

Using conversational belief modification


Linguistic models for challenging boundaries

5. Advanced sub modalities.

The core component focuses on the process of internal change and our unlimited potential to free ourselves from the constraints of interpreting experience in a certain way. This leads to increased resilience and improves our ability to cope with difficult situations. Includes a number of techniques useful in personal development and change work – advanced sub modal interventions, displacement, values and emotions. Includes sub modalities of meaning and techniques for redefining meaning and creating compelling visions of the future. 

Advanced sub modalities.

Persuasive planning for the future.

Sub-modalities of healing

Swish model

Compulsive Flashbacks.

This course includes:

12 days of on-site training

6 core components

Interactive dynamic training


Exercises and questions

Written training material

NLP Master Training

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