Overnight Camping Activities in UAE You Should Not Miss

Overnight Camping Activities in UAE

The camping setups in the vast deserts are among the greatest attractions of the UAE that fascinate tourists worldwide. Although countries like the US, Canada, and the UK offer an ideal atmosphere and setting for overnight camping; however, nothing can beat the experience in the vast stretched deserts of Dubai.

The weather is quite an ideal round of the year to go for an overnight camping experience. The point that makes it an unforgettable experience is the quality of the arrangement and a wide variety of activities that let the visitors get insight into the culture of the UAE while enjoying their trip.

If you have an adventurous soul that is ready to dive into this experience, you must explore this article in detail to learn about overnight camping activities in the UAE you should not miss.

Top 7 Activities to Enjoy During Overnight Camping in UAE

Overnight camping is the perfect activity to detox your mind and body for the routine work life and enjoy a bit of adventure and thrill. Opting for a campsite in the mountains may help you relax a bit more in silence and clear your thoughts; however, a camping trip in the desert will help you enjoy your life and get an adrenaline rush, creating happy memories for life.

Here are some of the most popular activities you can enjoy during overnight camping in the UAE.

1. Quad Biking Dubai

Quad Biking Dubai

Most people use the two-wheeler bike for commuting on a routine basis. Quad biking, a bike with four to six wheels, is a unique and adventurous experience, the camping sites of UAE offer to visitors. It is safe and ideal for biking in deserts. The national and international tourists consult overnight camping facilities to enjoy quad biking in deserts without worrying about their accession and finding the right area.

2. Dune Safari Dubai

Dune Safari Dubai

If you are not much a fan of bike rides and quad biking does not excite you, the dune safari must achieve the target. You can get your hand on a rental jeep and explore the sand dunes of the deserts. Flying the jeep through these dunes is the perfect activity to give an adrenaline rush to your stressed and overworked body and emotions.

3. Sand Boarding

Sand Boarding Dubai

If you have only heard about and enjoyed snowboarding your whole life, it is the right time to broaden your horizon and enjoy more activities. One of the major highlights of opting for overnight camping in the deserts of the United Arab Emirates is sandboarding. You can do and enjoy everything that you experience in snowboarding in sandboarding, with the only difference in sand replacing the snow.

4. Camel Ride Dubai

Camel Ride Dubai

Visiting the deserts of Dubai is incomplete without a camel ride. You might have enjoyed a camel ride on the road or in some city; however, that cannot compare to a ride in the deserts. Camels are basically the creature of the deserts, and it is best to enjoy a ride in their natural habitat to relate and feel their usability in the previous ages.

5. Henna Painting

Henna painting is another popular activity you can only enjoy on the camping trips of the United Arab Emirates and not in some other part of the world. The activity is mainly for women who can get henna tattoos or get flowery prints painted on their hands. However, men can also get and flaunt henna tattoos if they want.

6. Sunset Watching

Experience the Dubai Desert Sunset on an Desert Safari Overnight

You would have numerous sunsets in some of the best places; however, all of that cannot compare to the sunsets in the deserts. That is another highlight and popularity of the campsites in Dubai. The color of sand, sky, and the surroundings play a major role in making sunset watching in the desert more mesmerizing and memorable. So, pack your bags now to view one of the most unforgettable sunsets of your life.

7. Starry Sky

Lastly, enjoying the clear and starry sky in the desert is another camping activity you can enjoy in the United Arab Emirates. The city life has become too busy to look at the sky. On the other hand, it is also polluted enough to hide the stars. However, the sky in deserts is clear, and you can watch millions of stars. Get in touch with overnight camping Dubai-based organizers to book your camping slots before it’s too late.

Pack your Bags and go for Overnight Camping Now!

Overnight camping is the activity that is an essential entry to the bucket list of every individual. If it is a part of yours too, you should not wait for the right time but pack your bags now and set out on the journey. If you are worried about all the arrangements, contact the expert planners and leave everything else to them, only to enjoy the most unforgettable experience of your life.

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