Party this weekend? tricks to “brand new clothes” without wasting time in stores


Party over, you have not found a dress, you do not want to repeat, they already saw that! And you were already in a hurry … it is that same weekend, has it happened to you?

It will be the hustle and bustle of everyday life, full and complex days, fatigue after work, being a mother, being a wife, being a daughter, the demand to be multitasking… or it will be the serene one! but you can no longer, as before, spend whole days walking around the stores and measuring dresses, shoes, wearing jewellery, looking for the perfect bag just by looking without buying anything, getting home and doing different tests of makeup and the ideal hairstyle … The dress is still waiting for you and the party is at the door, but it is not the day after tomorrow.

Simplify your life, let technology help its benefits or have enough creativity to be practical and fast, I leave you three infallible options … and fast!


In a little while, at night, in the bathroom, during your meal time … take a dive on the web, many pages for renting and selling prom dresses show you real photos of the models, sizes and colours in stock and the best thing is that they take them to the door of your house (or office) in literally a single click (and respective payment, of course).

Advantages: it ‘s like going to the store but you do it virtually without wasting time scrolling, you can see a huge number of models, colors, styles and even accessories … here you really do premiere and it’s yours (in the case of rent it would be For one night).

Disadvantages *:that you are not physically trying it on. Option that does not have a big problem because most of these sites, in addition to publishing their table of measurements, have changes, adjustments or returns at no cost or minimal cost … unless you already have the time to wait for the delayed home shipments .


Only applies between trusted friends, sisters, mom, cousins ​​or the neighbor. Being the same size is the only requirement. And that you remember that “today for you tomorrow for me” and “favor with favor is paid”.

Advantages: they have not seen you, it would be brand new and also without expense involved.

Disadvantages: just as it is borrowed, you have to be twice as careful because you have to return it in full, you are not exempt from an accident with wine, mole or cigarette burns! (It responds to the height if something irreparable happens to it and please: take it to the dry cleaner before returning it).


Here the famous alley in emergencies serves: the little black dress or ” LBD ” for its acronym in English … or that one, the furthest in your history or feed of photos on social networks can be brought to life again how? Creativity dear! add or remove the bow, flower, pin, bow, glitter ribbon … Of course use it with other shoes, hairstyle, jewelry and bag … The ideal is the two pieces … lately they are in fashion and they are so convertible!

Advantages: being eco-friendly by reusing and getting out of the fast fashion culture that has an obsession to always wear new, that is already there at your fingertips without wasting time and that you will not spend, if anything, on accessories.

Disadvantages:Well, it is not really a premiere, that not in all the garments a twist is enough to make it look different and that if seeing yourself ultra different was your illusion, this point is not for you.

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By Michael Caine

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