Phase 1 Desk Study Report- what it is, why you need it and how to do one

What if you could have a list of all the things to consider when creating a new service in a relatively short period of time? What if you had a handy template that would save you hours of work and research? That is what the phase 1 desk study report is for.

In this article, we will cover what it is, why you need one and how to do one. We will also give an example so that you can get a better idea of what it looks like in practice.

What is a desk study report?

A desk study report is a document that helps gather all the necessary information needed to create a new service. The report should include an overview of the goals and objectives of the project, as well as a feasibility study. This will help you understand what you are trying to accomplish and whether or not it is possible.

The desk study report should include at least four sections:

– The problem statement- What is the purpose of this project?

– Objectives and Goals- What do you want to achieve with this project?

– Feasibility Study- Is this project feasible? If so, how do we go about creating it?

– Summary and Recommendations- What have we learned from this desk study report? And, what recommendations would you have for going forward with it?

Why you need a desk study report

Desk study reports are used to help you create a new service or product. They often include market research, competitors, and the SWOT analysis of your product.

It is important to have a desk study before working on phase 3-5 of your business plan. A desk study will provide the information that you need to move forward with your idea. It will provide you with an outline of what is necessary for your business plan and it will also give you an idea of how much money you are going to need to invest in this project.

How to write a desk study report

A desk study is a research report on what is already known about the topic you are studying. It’s also called desk research. The goal of the phase 1 desk research report is to collect as much information as possible about your topic or industry that will be useful in the following phases. A phase 1 desk study report should include:

-Researching what has been written on your topic online and offline

-What key players are already involved in your industry

-What are the main challenges facing your business

-Who would be interested in reading your phase 1 study report?

The first phase of a desk study is to think about who might read this report. You are writing for them, so it’s important to know their needs and wants. For example, if you’re doing a phase 1 study on marketing strategies for e-commerce companies, you could write this for people who might want to start an online business or for someone who wants to learn more about marketing techniques that work well with e-commerce businesses. That way, when you write for this audience later on, you will have an idea of what they need. When choosing what keywords to use when searching for information about your subject matter, try to use these keywords as early as possible so that they show up in search results earlier. You can also use questions related to your topic or even specific words related to your industry

Example of a desk study report.

Desk study reports are an excellent way to quickly gather information about your potential service. A desk study report is a “desktop” version of the phase 1 feasibility study. This document will be about 10-20 pages long and will contain data that has been gathered by surveying professionals who are knowledgeable about your industry.

The purpose of the desk study report is to provide you with a detailed overview of what it would take to create this new service. It will also give you information on how much it will cost, how big of an audience it may have, risks associated with the service, etc.

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