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There are definitely some similarities between a physiotherapist and a chiropractor. Both are about treating stiffness, managing pain, improving movement and wellbeing. However, there are some differences between their approach when you see a physio Wembley vs when you see a chiropractor. Both diagnose and treat mechanical disorders of the musculoskeletal system but a chiro mostly focuses on ones affecting the lower, mid and upper back, neck and spine. A physiotherapist is more focused on treating the extremities and with rehabilitation too. There are a number of things similar between them, a Chiropractor might also include methods of soft tissue therapy, patient education and rehabilitation work. Here is a closer look.

A closer look at what a physio does

A trained physiotherapist works on accurately assessing, diagnosing and treating musculoskeletal injuries. Musculoskeletal injuries are those that affect bones, joints, nerves and/or muscles. When something happens, an injury, an accident or even a health issue, a trained physio can help you recover as much as you are able, with a focus on improving pain and movement and function. They can also teach you how to avoid that kind of injury and how to stay healthy and active at home to improve your overall quality of life.

A physio Subiaco can evaluate your movement and your pain level, give various types of hands-on therapy such as dry needling or massage, help with rehabilitation in the form of different exercises and educate so the injury is less likely to happen again. Your physio will have more knowledge and skill in rehabilitation exercises for specific injuries such as ACL reconstruction, lower back pain, or hamstring injuries.

A closer look at what a chiro does

A chiropractor is a licensed and trained practitioner who uses a hands-on approach to help ease inflammation and pain by manipulating parts of the body, with a focus on spinal manipulation. As with a physio Wembley, there are no drugs as part of the treatment and there is no surgery. When you are looking for noninvasive treatment, a chiropractor can help. The treatment focuses on the nervous systems and musculoskeletal systems the idea is it is all connected, so treating a misalignment in the spine can help with more than just back pain. They will perform tests and an exam and evaluate your symptoms, give adjustments and suggest exercises and changes in your lifestyle at home to help reduce the problem or avoid it happening again.

Which should you choose for treatment?

Both treatment options are completely valid and really it depends on the injury and your symptoms as to whether you would see a chiropractor or a physio Subiaco. Both are non-invasive and can help with managing pain, and both use a hands-on approach. Consider their treatment approach and choose which suits you the most. Just make sure you get some kind of relief from pain, that you have a pathway towards returning to your activity safely and it helps you with your goals.

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