Pros and cons of electric motorcycles

Electric motorcycles are becoming more and more popular. The fact that they increasingly have more autonomy and better features, together with the high pollution of cities, has triggered the demand for this type of mount. We tell you the details.

Electric motorcycles are increasingly popular vehicles. Urban areas are the places where these frames are most in demand due to their respect for ecology, their agility on the road and their ease of finding parking.

Although there are still sections where they need to improve, motorcycles with electric drives may be the future of transportation in the centers of large cities.

Advantages of electric motorcycles

Motorcycles with an electric drive have interesting benefits. Among the most prominent are:

  • Fuel savings . Electricity is cheaper than gasoline , so recharging this type of vehicle will save us money compared to traditional motorcycles.
  • Less maintenance . Electric motorcycles have fewer parts. Therefore, the risk of breakdowns is reduced and in case of needing repair the process is much simpler.
  • Less taxes . The incentive that some administrations carry out to promote an energy that does not emit harmful gases means that, at the time of registration, the taxes paid by an electric motorcycle are lower.
  • More freedom of movement . In those municipalities that are aware of avoiding pollution, electric vehicles enjoy advantages over their gasoline equivalents as they are not influenced by government limitations and can circulate with complete peace of mind in all urban spaces.
  • More ecological . They respect the environment more by not emitting gases that increase the greenhouse effect. By using electricity, the energy source is cleaner than traditional fossil fuels.
  • No noise . In an environment dominated by annoying sounds, the fact that an electric motorcycle does not produce any type of noise is something very positive to avoid harmful noise pollution.

Aspects to improve on electric motorcycles

As with electric cars, motorcycles that use this type of engine tend to cause certain types of reservations among people who do not believe they have enough autonomy or power.

However, innovation has made it possible to create models capable of lasting more than 300 kilometers without refueling and reaching competition speeds. Although these types of electric motorcycles are special cases and have prohibitive prices, little by little they begin to find models with better features.

Differences between electric and gasoline motorcycles

The best way to analyze electric motorcycles is by comparing them with their fossil fuel-powered counterparts. The two types of mount share their agility when taking curves or to achieve parking. Driving is hardly affected by the engine mounted on the vehicle , although it is true that gasoline motorcycles tend to have a somewhat faster acceleration.

The moment we stop to refuel will be when we will find the most differences. The most obvious is that we will need to take more breaks if we have an electric motorcycle and that the waiting time will be longer . However, we will notice that our pocket will thank us, as this technology allows considerable savings.

Due to the fact that it is a technology still in the process of evolution, electric motorcycles are usually more expensive than traditional ones . Even so, there are models such as the Tork TX6 that can be achieved for less than 1,700 euros. In addition, it must be considered that government incentives reduce the final price and make it more and more similar to its gasoline equivalents.

Due to their characteristics, electric motorcycles are ideal for driving around the city  , as their autonomy limitations are not affected on journeys of a few kilometers (as are normally those that are carried out within a metropolis) and yet they will allow us significant savings. in fuel.

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