Questions To Ask A New Home Builder

new home builder in LBI

You have decided that it is time to build your new home but are unsure where to start.  One of the first things to do is make a list of questions to ask your new home builder in LBI.   Having a brand new home built just for you and your family is exciting.  Everything is brand new so you won’t have to worry about problems as you would with an older home.  You are getting a home that you have customized so if you decide to sell it, it will be more desirable.

One thing that is very important when buying a newly constructed home is to hire a real estate agent.  They will know the right questions to ask if you are unsure what to ask.  They will be with you every step of the way, from the build to closing. 

The one thing that can make a big difference in hiring a good builder.  Most real estate agents will know which builders to suggest based on their working with the builder before.  Before hiring a home builder in LBI, here are some questions you might ask.

  • Find out about the builder: Find out who they are, how long they have been building, and what their reputation is.  You will want to know all this so you can make the right decision on which builder to hire.  You should also ask what their experience is in building a new home. 

You are paying a lot of money to build your new home, so you want to make sure that you hire the right one.  You deserve a home that is well built.  Ask for references and then talk to them to see how satisfied they were, if there were any issues, etc. 

You should also Google their name and check with the BBB to see if they have any negative reviews and what they were and how they were solved.  Researching a builder’s qualifications is very important to ensure your home is soundly built.

  • Ask what type of home they usually build: Builders specialize in different types of construction, so you want to be sure that the builder has experience in the type of home build you want.  Asking this question is important if you are having a specific type of home built.
  • Ask if they have any model homes for you to look at: This will help if the new home builder in LBI has something so you can see the type of work they do.  It will help you see if they offer the floor plan you want and what types of material and products they use.
  • What are the standard features in their homes: You want to make sure that they offer you the standards you want and if you want something different, can they deliver and how much extra?  This way there are no surprises or changes that will have to be made during construction.


These are just some of the questions you should ask a home builder in LBI before you hire them to build your new home.

Bio: Since 1977, BACORP Building Group, Inc has created outstanding custom commercial buildings and residential dream homes thanks to our 85 years of combined experience.  For residential properties, each design is presented in floor plans, interior and exterior perspective views, which will even include a “virtual walk thru” utilizing our architectural software and a big screen television. An invaluable education as well as, being a “lot of fun” as described by our prior clients.  BACORP also does commercial building.  BACORP Building Group, Inc and its principals have conceptualized, designed, and built over $270 million dollars in residential, commercial, and industrial ratables over the past 30 years in Ocean and Monmouth Counties.  In all our work, we are a design and build team whose objective is to work with serious clients to extract specific information regarding their criteria such as lifestyle and overall project needs to provide the client with one or more energy-efficient design solutions which work within their budget.

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