Save Money With A CCTV Drain Inspection

CCTV Drain Inspection

It is common for sewer pipes to suffer from blocks and clogs now and then. This applies in both commercial and residential environments. People flush items down sinks and toilets that should not go into the sewer system. Furthermore, if sewer pipes break then roots from trees grow towards the leaking water and into the sewer pipe, creating additional blockage issues. In yesteryear, it was a lot of work to investigate a blockage and find the cause, now things are a lot easier and cheaper for customers with a CCTV camera drain inspection Perth. Here is a closer look.

What is it and how does it work?

A CCTV (closed circuit television) camera suitable for pipes and sewers can be pushed deep into even the darkest depths to check out problem areas. It is a very effective, fast and affordable way to find blockages in pipes without excavating the area. This allows the experts to find the exact location of the issue, then go in and deal with the underlying cause. With the camera, your plumber can see in real-time what the stormwater pipe or sewer line looks like on the inside. As well as finding the blockage, CCTV inspection is also a great way to check on the overall condition of the interior of the system. Your plumber can check for cracks, faults and blockages, then determine more clearly what action needs to be taken. A CCTV drain inspection is often quick which means the removal or repairs happen faster.

Reasons to have an inspection

When a lot of heavy vehicles are driving over an area where a pipe is installed, if there is no protection for the pipe, then damage can occur. Without proper care, sewerage ,ay even leak into the community’s potable water supply. Having to deal with a collapsed pipe is a lot more costly than CCTV camera drain inspection Perth. A CCTV camera inspection can;

  • Find the exact location of the problem rather than just the general area
  • Be less invasive and prevent your plumber from having to excavate the area
  • Find out the exact depth of the blockage and effectively determine how deep your plumber needs to go with hydro-jet technology to clear the clog
  • Give accurate information on the layout of pipes –this is helpful should digging be required in order to replace any pipework
  • Find other minor concerns which your plumber can handle so the project does not turn into a major and expensive issue
  • Save money in the short and long term
  • Help you better decide whether to buy a property since one with drainage problems might not be more hassle than it’s worth


A CCTV drain inspection is a great way to find where blockages exist. The process can also help you check on the condition of the system, identify the work that needs to take place, while enhancing overall efficiency. Call a professional plumber for CCTV camera drain inspection so that they can help you save money in resolving blocked drain problems.

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