Seeing a Physio for Chronic Back Pain

Seeing a Physio for Chronic Back Pain

Lower back pain can be a real problem in affecting a person’s day-to-day life, work and family life. Managing the pain and reducing the limits it can place on your mobility is where a physio Wembley and elsewhere can help. There are a large number of reasons and causes for low back pain, some are people who have a problem with often having issues with their lower back, and some have it just once or twice in their lifetime. There are a number of treatments and management approaches a person can take depending on the cause, their medical background and so on, but a physio is especially helpful.

Patient assessment

Your physio West Perth would have a lot of experience treating patients with back pain. It is one of the most common reasons people seek physio help. They have a variety of techniques and approaches they take that they make sure is suitable for your condition, health and medical history. It is important to take comfort in the fact that while back pain is hard to live with unless you find a way to manage that pain, it is hardly ever a sign for anything more serious like arthritis, cancer or serious infection. They will ask you some standard exclusion questions to rule out certain things likely including questions about general well-being, history of arthritis, epilepsy, cancer history, any recent loss of appetite or weight, bladder and bowel control, other pain issues and so on.

By asking these kinds of questions the physio is able to tell whether the problem is related to strains and stresses that happened recently or in the past. They will then move on to an objective exam where they ask you to remove clothing and look at how you move, it will likely start with walking, how you sit, your posture and so on. When someone experiences spinal pain it is usual to see a patient struggle to carry out normal movements and have a reduction in their range and strength. Your physio, Wembley can test other spinal movements too as well as checking the hip range of movement, reflexes, muscle strength, skin sensibility and joints. With that and more they can make an assessment of your condition.

Treatment formulation

When the assessment side of things is done the physio West Perth will come up with a plan specifically suited to your results and needs. Different approaches must be taken depending on their findings, for example, spinal joint pain needs gentle exercise and pacing with a reduction in the factors that are aggravating it. On the other hand, a spinal joint that is just stiff can take a more of a stronger approach with manual techniques and exercises applied.

It is common that part of the treatment will include some kind of core stability work. It is an approach you would find in a Pilates class. The patients are taught the right technique and encouraged to use it at home as part of their recovery. Over the course of treatment, harder activities are performed keeping it at the right pace so that the patient does not cause too much stress to the spinal joints.

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