Should I Go To A Bong Shop Or Shop Online?

Bong Shop

The to this question is that you should probably do both. Here’s the thing that you may not realize, your buddy from college was on to something when he had a collection of bongs. Granted, you don’t need a collection like that, but having a couple is a good idea. Also, supporting and encouraging the craftsmanship that goes behind artistic bongs sold in local shops is an important thing.

When you support local glass blowing like this, you keep an art form alive, you keep a culture alive and you help bring more artwork into the world. Bland materialism is dull, having things of actual artistic merit that you enjoy and which hold meaning to you has a much better overall benefit and value in the long run.

However, you shouldn’t be using these on a casual basis. The more you use that hand-blown bong, the sooner it is going to inevitably be broken. It’s a one-of-a-kind piece, and you can’t replace it. Ouch. So, what you need is another bong that you can use on a regular basis that is affordable to replace, maybe doesn’t have the same sentiment behind it and also doesn’t sacrifice any quality for being affordable.

So, where does one go to find bongs like this? They don’t sound like something that you could easily find, being good quality while being cheap and replaceable. However, glass like this is manufactured all the time for laboratories, kitchens and other places that need quality sheet-proof, water-proof easy to clean glass. Pyrex, and glasses like that. You can get excellent bongs and other smoking accessories made out of these materials as well as the best stainless steel or brass fittings, seals and so forth, being excellent quality for use, durable, easy to maintain but also replaceable when your cat or your clumsy friend inevitably breaks it.

An online bongshop can provide high-quality stuff like this from Europe, New Zealand and Australia that still looks pretty darn good, just in a modern and minimalist way. But, it is mass-produced at a high grade, being replaceable and affordable unlike your custom, hand-blown bong. Save that thing for special guests, special occasions and holidays and use this replaceable, lab-quality glass for your daily needs. Trust me, you’ll thank me.

As for why an online bongshop is so much cheaper, part of it is the fact that this class is produced in an industrial environment, which is cheaper to do than handmade stuff while still being of superb quality. However, the online aspect offers a lot of savings due to the absence of brick-and-mortar overhead as well as competitive customer incentives and rewards that these retailers can afford to offer.

If you are ready to spare your one-of-a-kind handblown pieces from the dangers of daily use, [company name] is your one-stop online bong shop for all of your favorite types of smoking accessories and a quality but replaceable form that will make your life so much easier.

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