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Once a business owner understands the basics of a social media platform Like Picuki, the next challenge is to get started. The challenge here is to make, and then learn to manage, commit to consistent engagement.

First, you need to understand three basic facts about the effective use of social media:

  1. The social network does not operate in an empty space itself.
  2. The communication platform was not intended to be used for commercial purposes in the first place and contains the code of conduct to be followed.
  3. If you are a business person who is determined to use social media to do business, you must first prepare yourself.

OK, to explain these points:

  1. The social network is not working in an empty space …”

  2. This means you can not just create your own Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts, leave them and expect this to benefit your business. Social media includes “interaction” with people

Social media accounts help you connect and engage in conversations with potential people and your customers. When you start talking to people, walking is disrespectful. This applies to social media as well as to the physical world. Therefore, you cannot simply set up (communications) accounts. You need to get involved, with your fans and friends. Consistently.

This can be a challenge for busy, business people. How should we deceive ourselves about those things every day while trying to run our businesses?

It is a challenge for business owners who often see it in advance and decide to avoid it by not engaging in social media at all, or by not anticipating and being frustrated because they do not know how they will be treated once they have started.

The thing to realize is that social media is a new marketing ingredient that cannot be ignored. It can make your marketing efforts more economical and effective once you understand and accept it.

Solution PLANNING, PLANNING, AND PLANNING Y2MATE your business time through social media. That setting includes creating profiles and content in advance and selecting the “Automatically customized” options for you. An obvious, highly efficient option that grows with a reputation for “knowing,” experienced business owners, job outsourcing. Hire staff or hire social media consultants to do the job for you or a social media coach to work with you.

In any case, in the meantime, if you are in business, your business should be involved in social media or your business will remain.

FACT NUMBER 2: “Social media was not intended to be used for marketing …”
OK, since the social media platform was about “networking” online and building like-minded communities where people could gather, share and have fun online, no one wanted to see commercials or anyone trying to sell them something in those spaces. They still haven’t. But knowledge and art are in high demand.

All these people in all these “communications” online communities are still human beings, still living in the physical world and all consumers. So, while it is green to push sales on social media, it is understandable that people want and, later, buy things. The strategy is “to inform,” to serve and to provide. THIS is how you do business using social media. You have to be there with your expectations and customers.

Imagine, if you were at a party and someone at the party said you wanted a plumber … and you might be a plumber, it’s okay to promote your service. Isn’t it?

OK. Let’s look at another analogy. She’s in a bookstore … and a woman standing next to you asks if she knows a good cookbook because she can’t choose from all the topics in front of her. The more you communicate with him, the more accurate he becomes and the more you know about the subject.

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By Michael Caine

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