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There is something so exciting about sports that one does remember historic sports events from one’s childhood even when one is in his eighties. Events Superbowl or NBA Finals attract huge crowds and create magic moments.

Sports fans do tend to remember these events. And whenever some of them get together, a sports trivia quiz is a must. It is a fact that despite you being a sports enthusiast and never missing a game, you fall short on answering the questions. We have some tips and tricks that ensure you answer the sports quiz correctly. These ideas are for the masses, and adults and kids can adopt them alike.

For winning any trivia quiz, let it be world, science, entertainment, or any other topic, there are some basic rules:

  1. Be Prepared: If you are in a sports trivia quiz with your friends, one thing is for sure, you know their area of expertise. Let us say your opponent is a basketball fanatic.It is most likely that the questions and answers he will have, are from the mentioned subject. Hence be prepared. Do research, read, and study. 
  2. Be open-minded: if you need your mind to work and answer the sports quiz questions, think broader and think more. Explore different sports. Sports trivia is not a war. Think of it as an informative, knowledgeable session.
  3. A friend in need is a friend indeed: You do not know it all. An expert on the subject is the best teammate. We mentioned basketball above. If you have a friend who knows the sport, take him with you. 
  4. Watch, read, listen: Developing a broader knowledge base creates sub-conscious memorization in your mind. It clicks when someone asks you a question.
  5. Be Curious: Curiosity keeps you alive. Watch science show, watch nat geo and discovery, read articles and books, take online quizzes.

We have also compiled a list of online quizzes and apps. These will enable you to enhance your knowledge and develop your question bank regarding sports trivia.

Online Quizzes:


Since 1979, ESPN has been one of the top sports channels. ESPN operates a free-of-charge website having substantial sports articles, sports trivia, free quiz for kids, and plenty of information regarding almost every sport.

Jetpunk is an excellent choice for any trivia question. Specifically for sports Jetpunk has a database for categorization according to sports, tournaments, leagues, etc. Choose your option and have a go. The website is free and does have free quizzes for kids as well.

Britannica has been gathering facts for the last four hundred years. It is the oldest encyclopedia, and it went online in the 2000s. And it has more the 32000 pages of information and quizzes for you. It is free and has free quizzes for kids as well. Britannica caters to almost every subject of sports with never-ending series of questions.

Like Sporcle and Britannica, QuizGriz or Grizly is an excellent option for trivia night. Sports trivia and sports quizzes are a highlight of the website. With a targetted sports fan category, the website caters to almost all sorts of sports played throughout the world.  

Apps for Your Mobile Devices:

A sports fanatic needs to be updated constantly regarding his favorite sport. The following are some apps that will keep you updated on sporting events, scores, and articles on the go on your mobile device.

  1. ESPN
  2. Bleacher Report
  3. The Score
  4. Live Score
  5. Yahoo Sports

The more updated you are regarding a sporting event, the more likely you answer sports trivia questions. 

Hopefully, by now, you have an idea of; how you can prepare for sports. Rest assured, if you follow the above points and keep yourself updated, there is no doubt about you acing any sports quiz.

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