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Starting office cleaning services Gold Coast can be a good career field but you want to be sure you are doing it correctly so you can make a profit instead of a loss.  They are successful because they fill a specific niche.  When you have a cleaning service you can add other services down the line, but it is best if you start small until you can build up a client base. 

The first thing you need to do is create a business entity, which means that you need to create a name for your business. Once the name has been decided, then you need to make sure it is available and then go online and fill out forms.  Within your business entity, you need to do these things immediately.

  • You will need to go online and register with the state you will be working in your cleaning business name.
  • Next, you will have to register your cleaning business with the state.
  • Open a business checking account to keep your business and personal expenses and income separate.
  • Get liability insurance

All of these things are necessary to be officially recognized as an office cleaning Gold Coast business so you can operate legally.  In addition to getting liability insurance, you will also need to get a sales tax certificate and vendor’s license.  This will keep everyone protected, including yourself.  A vendor’s license will let you legally sell services that require you to collect sales tax.  This does include your office cleaning services.

The sales tax certificate will save you from facing tax evasion charges and allow you to collect sales taxes from your clients legally.  You should also work with an insurance agency that understands the services you will be offering so you can get the correct insurance.  You will need:

  • Property insurance/business owner’s policy
  • General liability
  • Workers’ compensation
  • Commercial auto insurance
  • Umbrella liability

Once this is done, you will need to get the basic supplies such as brooms, mops, dustpans, trash bags, cleaning buckets, glass cleaners, and more.  It will be all the typical things that you would need to clean an office.  You should also have some way of transporting it from your vehicle to the office without having to make several trips. 

Your office cleaning services Gold Coast will need to be established so make sure that you choose a name that is easily recognizable and easy to remember.  Pick a logo that reflects your company.  To get clients you will need to advertise, which you can do by using your local newspaper, talking to different offices in your area about your services and leaving a business card, and setting up a website.  If you have friends that have a business, offer to clean their office for free a few times so they can see what you can do and recommend you to their business associates.


An office cleaning Gold Coast business can be a good choice for a career, but it will take time and money for it to be profitable.  Follow these suggestions to get your new business started the correct way.

Bio – We are a small cleaning company operating around the Gold Coast and surrounding nearby areas. We’re glad to offer our own independant nighttime cleaning services to the Gold Coast community and take pride in offering our office cleaning Gold Coast services for many of your commercial premises weather it be high-rise offices, medical centres, or massive childcare centres. When you hire us as cleaners for your commercial premises, you’ll be working with an independant cleaning service that doesn’t leave even the smallest portions of your spaces unclean. We’ll dispose the rubbish, disinfect all surfaces, wipe those marked windows turning them into spotless glass, along with mopping and vacuuming the floors effectively.
We started over ten years ago as sub-contracting cleaners, cleaning inside a whole heap of different premises such as small offices, large medical centres, massive hospitals, childcare centres, and much more. During those ten years we have become proficient and drilled with experience in cleaning. Now we’re offering our cleaning experience independently to the Gold Coast, and are searching for contracting or sub-contracting cleaning jobs for which we can establish a long-term relationship with the client or contractor being you.

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